Funny / Andrew Jackson Jihad

  • "People II 2: Still Peoplin'"
    You don't have it any better
    You don't have it any worse
    You're an irreplaceable human soul
    With your own understanding
    of what it means to suffer
    and that's a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge...
  • "Zombie by the Cranberries by Andrew Jackson Jihad:"
    Oh when the saints
    Oh when the saints
    Oh when the saints go marching in
    They will feed you so much pizza
    That you'll forget about the rut that you are in!
  • The cheerfully sung chorus of "Heartilation:" "If you think you're better than me, you're right!"
  • The mere fact that they named one of their many extremely depressing songs "This is Why I'm Hot."
  • In "There's No War in This Love," AJJ assures us all that world peace is inevitable: "When we all have died / and no one is alive /we won't fight anymore!"