** "Why did you do this to me, God?! Why couldn't you cure a disease or create a new animal?!"
** While he's blind, the news team visits him and he laments that he can't do several things that he should still be able to do despite being blind. Brian seems to be the only one to realize this.
--->'''Brian''': Drinking half a bottle of ketchup takes like eight or nine gulps. How did you not know...
--->'''Ron''': Do I have to spell it out for you? I'M BUH-LIIIND!
* Early on, Ron is driving the rest of the News Team out to New York. Everyone is in the back drinking beers and shooting the shit while the camper is set on Cruise Control. The moment they realize that's not how cruise control works, they get into an accident where the camper (and everyone inside) is tossed around. In slow motion. Everyone but Brick is panicking and mugging; Brick goes through the air in a nonchalant lounging pose. Meanwhile, the others are hit by the various random items that have been pointed out inside the camper, like Champ getting oil in the face from the deep fryer, Brian getting hit in the face with a bag of bowling balls, a scorpion landing on Ron's face.
-->'''Ron''': ''[as the Winnebago stops rolling]'' Well ''that's'' gonna make a hell of a story!
* The climactic fight scene. '''''[[CrazyAwesome ALL OF IT.]]''''' They actually made it even more ridiculously over-the-top than the original.
** To be precise, it started out as a two-team brawl between Ron's team and Jack's team similar to the first movie, but it then escalates into an epic brawl with the BBC News team, the MTV News team, the ESPN team, a Canadian news team, an entertainment news team, a history news team (including a ''minotaur'' and ''the ghost of Gen. Stonewall Jackson'') and the WBC president who ''turns into a were-hyena''. What follows is an epic battle with axes, cannons, Jackson ''stealing people's souls'', '''''fighter jets''''' ''and Brick armed with'' '''''a ray gun from the future!!'''''
** And he was holding his trident from the previous movie.
--->'''Ron''': ...Brick, what is that?\\
'''Brick''': ''[casually]'' It's a gun, from the future.\\
'''Ron''': Where did you get it?\\
'''Brick''': ''[laugh]'' This guy.....
** Let's not forget all the crazy cameos with [[spoiler:Creator/SachaBaronCohen as part of the BBC news team, Music/KanyeWest leading MTV, Creator/TinaFey and Creator/AmyPoehler from the entertainment news team, Creator/JimCarrey and Creator/MarionCotillard from the apologetic Canadian team, Creator/LiamNeeson leading the history news team with John C. Reilly as Stonewall Jackson's ghost, and Creator/WillSmith from the ESPN news team, ending with Creator/KirstenDunst as a Greek goddess giving them the okay to start the brawl]].
** When the WBC president [[spoiler:turns into a were-hyena]], the MTV News head tells one of his crew to call Music/MichaelJackson and tell him he has [[{{Music/Thriller}} a music video idea]]. [[spoiler:[[WhatHappenedToTheMouse Somewhat funnier by the fact that he never shows up again and just vanishes from the fight]].]]
--->'''Champ:''' I hope he's on our side.
** Brian using his [[CallBack Sex]] [[ChekhovsGun Panther]] cologne like a stink bomb and proceeds to suffocate the Canadian news team with it. The smoke even forms the image of a real panther.
** When Jack tries to call Wes Mantooth's bluff by pointing out that Wes wouldn't be willing to burn himself up, Wes says "with the things I've done in my life?" with psychotic mirth. Badass and hilarious all at once.
** Ron, awestruck, tries to reason with the ghost of Stonewall Jackson
-->'''Ron:''' There's so much we can learn from you!
-->'''Stonewall Jackson:''' [[YourSoulIsMine SOOOOULS!]]
** From the ending, as Ron makes it to Walter's recital.
--->'''Ron:''' I fought a [[spoiler:minotaur]] to get here and I'd do it again!
* The entire subplot with Doby the shark.
* Brick thinking he's dead and giving his own eulogy!
-->'''Brick''': When I got the news, ''I didn't even know how to make sense out of it!''
-->'''Ron''': None of us understand!
** Ed Harken's opening words at the funeral reveal in all the years Brick worked at the news station, he apparently never cashed any of his checks. And when he finishes speaking, Brick thought he was a minister.
** Brick says he's not going to rest until he finds his killer, prompting even more confusion from Ron.
* Brick's butter commercial.
* "93! 93!"
** Heck, that entire scene. Brick doesn't get why you shouldn't wear green pants when on a green-screen.
--->'''Brick''': Where's the map? I need a map.\\
'''Ron''': It's on the screen.\\
* Brian saying he's gonna go back to hanging out with O.J. Simpson, Phil Spector, and Robert Blake. Apparently, they call themselves "The Ladykillers."
* Brick and his girlfriend making out in the laundromat, with her butt pressed against the window (while wearing men's briefs).
* The scene where Ron and Linda have sex and the scene is intercut with clips of prominent moments in understanding between white and black people...UsefulNotes/JackieRobinson...[[Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries Captain Kirk kissing Lt. Uhura]]...and ''Series/DiffrentStrokes''.
* Champ's new fried chicken joint serves [[spoiler:fried bat. He calls them "the chicken of the cave".]]
** [[spoiler: "You know what they call cats don't you? Chicken of the rail yard!"]]
* Ron's dinner with Linda's family, which culminates in him calling them "pipe-hittin' bitches".
* "A black man follows me everywhere when it's sunny! I call him Leon."
** "What happens when it's cloudy?"
** "He goes home."
* When Brick and Chani have a date, Brian suggests that Brick use one of his (many) condoms. Specifically, he brags about how proud he is that the condom was responsible for four illegitimate children.
--> '''Ron''': But...isn't the purpose of a condom to ''prevent'' pregnancy?\\
'''Brian''': Well Ron, to quote the old saying, nope.
* Veronica chewing out Ron for taking their son to bet on cockfights as a "bonding activity".
--> '''Ron''': He picked eight winning cocks, it's never been done!
* "Hey Ron! You're missing some quality ComicStrip/{{Garfield}}!"
** Also, "BY THE BEDPAN OF [[Series/MatchGame GENE RAYBURN]]!"
* The Incredibly Polite Canadian News Team, eh?
* Ron, Champ and Brian's piece on crack's recent popularity, titled "Vials of Smiles". They proceed to samples of crack live in the studio. The R rated version is better, with the stage crew trying to get them to stop smoking crack. The signs were "DON'T SMOKE CRACK" and "STOP, COPS!"
--> '''Ron''': I understand we have some crack, and we're going to smoke it here in the studio. [Inhales] Woah. Wow, wow, you can feel that right away. [[CrossesTheLineTwice Now that is just refreshing]]. ''(goes to light the pipe)''\\
'''Crew Member 1''': They're actually enjoying it.
--> '''Crew Member 2''': Of course they're enjoying it. It's crack.
--> '''Ron''': *Sees the "STOP, COPS!" sign* What's that? Stop! Oh, apparently the police are here. The police are here? Really?
--> ''(SmashCut to the entire news team face-down on the pavement outside, being arrested)''
--> '''Ron''': Well, now we know guys.. You can't smoke crack on live television!
* Brick's speech at the ending:
--> '''Brick''': Ron, you are a good man, but you have fallen victim to your own ego and hubris. Now, you have taken steps towards righting the wrongs you have done. But before others can forgive you, you must journey inside and forgive yourself.\\
'''Ron''': ...Brick, what'd you just say?\\
'''Brick''': I'm wearing two pairs of pants.
* We spend the whole movie convinced that Ron just thinks Gary has psychic powers because Ron is confused by the term psychologist. Then out of nowhere during the brawl, Gary saves Ron with Telekinesis.
* Ron's high pitched screaming at the beginning, "They're coming in through the back door. Grab the children. Save the children."
* Veronica's reaction to the housekeeper siding with Ron in the beginning, "I will lock you in a closet."