Funny / Anachronox

  • The whole sequence when the gang is drifting to Democratus. Most especially the end, after everyone's gone stir crazy:
    Grumpos: You left a sock over there... Over THERE... Is it too much to ask that you clean up after yourself?
    Boots: What? I was going to pick them up tomorrow.
    Grumpos: Tomorrow? Tomorrow? You son of a—
    (Grumpos winds up and swings his cane at Boots, camera cuts to Rho as sounds of a fight continue offscreen, as apparently Grumpos' plan to teach Boots not to leave his socks lying around involves beating him senseless and shoving one in his mouth.)
    PAL: Should we stop them, ma'am?
    Rho: (deadpan) Let 'em kill each other.
    Grumpos: (still offscreen) Eat it! Eat it! Eat it! EAT IT!
  • The red light district is full of aliens, so instead of sexy silhouettes of women dancing, we most often see tentacle monsters dancing in silhouette or in peep show booths.