Funny / Amy Adams

  • Apparently on the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, she had a habit of singing Disney songs to Zack Snyder's children. And there was a banner on set that read 'Days Since "Let It Go" Was Sung' - that according to Amy, was always at zero. When describing this on The Graham Norton Show she is then asked about her early career struggles. She says "sometimes you just have to let it go" and then has a Eureka Moment.
    "You see how it happens?"
  • While filming a scene in The Fighter, she was supposed to be unleashing a volley of swear words. Due to the film's improv style, she ran out of words - so David O Russell was just off camera yelling out potential swears for her to use.
    • She described meeting the real Charlene as quite an experience, where the woman said the following thing.
    "I don't know why they have me getting into a fight in here. That never happened in real life - apart from that one time in the bar where I cracked a bottle over that girl's head..."
  • She was filming Big Eyes, where she played a southerner in a blonde wig. Her husband had to be taken into hospital for kidney problems, and she came straight from the set. It was only until she got into the bathroom that she realised she was still wearing the blonde wig - and had been speaking to the nurse in her fake southern accent.
  • Due to the Absolute Cleavage on display in American Hustle, she kept giving Jennifer Lawrence an eyeful in their scene together - as she had a habit of slouching when the camera was off her. Her solution was to draw a smiley face on the area "so they would at least look friendly".
  • She's frequently recognised by Enchanted fans in public and - to avoid disappointing children who are bewildered not to see her in a Pimped-Out Dress - she has to put on the Giselle voice and say "I'm in disguise."
    "It's better than me going "it's not real, honey."
  • During the filming of Arrival she was the victim of an unfortunate error by way of director Dennis Villeneuve's English (French is his first language). What he meant? To congratulate Amy on the scene and then go to a rear shot. What he said? "Very good Amy. I will now take you from behind." His attempts to clarify? "I will take you from behind with a camera."
  • Her daughter is apparently Little Miss Snarker and their video calls usually open with a sarcastic "Oh my God, it's Amy Adams!" Squee!.