Funny / American Hustle

  • Rosalyn dancing to "Live and Let Die" by Paul McCartney while cleaning the house.
  • "You broke the science oven!"
    "Don't put metal in the science oven! Don't put metal in the science oven!" Sheesh!
    • Rosalyn's response to that, saying that the oven 'drains all the nutrients' out of food, and adds "So, thank God for me." when she concludes the science oven was dangerous.
  • Richie's boss recounting getting beaten, and then we see Richie beating him up with a telephone unit. It is much funnier than it sounds.
  • When Richie and Sydney/Edith are in the stall at the disco. Pay attention to the shouts from the women who are not pleased that they're taking up a stall.
    Patron: Are you gonna fuck for real or get out of the stall for real?!
  • The running gag of Richie's boss trying to tell the ice fishing story, and Richie interrupting him with how he thinks it ends.
    Richie: Oh, I get it! Your brother fell through the ice and died!
    Stoddard: Yes he died, but that was years later and from something else!
  • Richie mimicking Stoddard's posture and behavior after he leaves the room, and cracking up as he does so.
  • Richie's hair in the little curlers.