Funny: 'Allo 'Allo!

  • From "Desperate Doings in the Graveyard", Lt. Gruber's interrogation of Monsieur Alphonse. Ve ask ze questions!
    • Also, from "Down the Drain", "Ve are here to search your café, peasant!" Pretty much any time Gruber attempts to act the part of a cruel oppressor is a guaranteed CMOF.
  • Lt. Grüber seeing Rene's bare butt in the opening scene in Feather.
    Grüber: Are you open?
  • The numerous rhyming MacGuffins in the series 2 finale, culminating in Hans saying them all in quick succession to a well—deserved applause from the audience.
  • Rene learning the hard way that a power cut is not a good time for hanky-panky:
    Rene: You stew-pid woman! Of course there's a perfectly good reason I'm in the cupboard with HERR FLICK OF THE GESTAPO!!!!!]
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