Funny / All the President's Men

  • Bernstein shoots Woodward a horrified expression when Woodward tells a potential source - who had proudly announced she was a Republican - that he too was a registered Republican.
  • When Woodward asks Sloan "Just how was the slush money handled?" the ex-CRP official answers "Very poorly."
  • Deep Throat berating Woodward about hitting Haldeman too early, before enough evidence tied him into the Plumbers: "You've done worse than let Haldeman slip away. You've got people feeling sorry for him. I didn't think that was possible."
  • During an exchange with a reluctant would be source:
    Clark MacGregor: I don't know. You're implying that I should know. If you print that, our relationship will be terminated.
    Woodward: Sir, we don't have a relationship!
    (MacGregor hangs up)