Funny / All the President's Men

  • Woodward sees Bernstein taking Woodward's finished copy back to his own desk and altering it. He confronts Bernstein about it, who casually points out that he himself is a much more experienced journalist, and that he thought Woodward's copy could be improved. Woodward is stung by this, and when Bernstein suggests that if Woodward really thinks his own copy is better without Bernstein's changes than they should submit Woodward's draft. Woodward reads Bernstein's, admits that it's better, and hands Bernstein all his notes on the story, telling him angrily that he didn't mind what Bernstein did so much as the way he did it. At this point, Simons walks past Bernstein's desk.
    Simons: Woodward? Bernstein? You're both on the story. Now don't fuck it up.
  • Bernstein shoots Woodward a horrified expression when Woodward tells a potential source - who had proudly announced she was a Republican - that he too was a registered Republican.note 
  • When Woodward asks Sloan "Just how was the slush money handled?" the ex-CRP official answers "Very poorly."
  • Deep Throat berating Woodward about hitting Haldeman too early, before enough evidence tied him into the Plumbers: "You've done worse than let Haldeman slip away. You've got people feeling sorry for him. I didn't think that was possible."
  • During an exchange with a reluctant would be source:
    Clark MacGregor: I don't know. You're implying that I should know. If you print that, our relationship will be terminated.
    Woodward: Sir, we don't have a relationship!