Funny / All Dogs Go to Heaven

  • King Gator's song Let's Make Music Together as it is the Big Lipped Alligator Moment.
  • Itchy has countless funny lines in the first movie, most of which are Dom De Luise ad libbing.
    Itchy: (On Ann-Marie) Hey boss—maybe she only talks to rats....
    Charlie: Oh, don't be stupid. She talks to me, doesn't she?
    Itchy: Yeah, she talks to you: THAT MAKES YOU A RAT! (Busts a gut laughing)
    • "Try that again, you, and you are glue!"
    • "I don't care if it's his...his Bar Mitzvah! That horse is a gluepot!"
    • (after Anne Marie points out which horse will win and Charlie starts off to place the bet) "Oh yeah, sure, with what dough, boss?"
    • (while looking for the "monster") "Charlie, just know we're both gonna die!"
    • (after Charlie grabs Itchy's tail) "WHY DONTCHA TELL SOMEBODY YOU"RE GONNA DO THAT?!?"
      • "And your hands are cold, too!" Probably because Charlie's dead.
      • And when he tries to flee, because he doesn't want to see "the monster", Charlie grabs him by his tail and drags him back, and Itchy freaks out, yelling, "SOMEONE'S GOT ME!"
  • The scene in the first movie where Charlie tucks Anne Marie into bed in his cab. Bonus points for the gargoyle-esque face he makes after he "kisses" her goodnight.
    • Charlie reading her the story of Robin Hood. The book in front of them is War and Peace. There's a graphic picture of someone being run through with a sword.
  • Carface's reaction in the first movie when he sees that Charlie has escaped from the anchor.
    • And then his reaction when King Gator says, "Delicious!" and chases him.
  • Charlie convincing Itchy he's not dead.
    Charlie: [shuts Itchy up] Itchy. I'm not a ghost. I'm not dead. Now be quiet. I'm gonna take my hand *away* from your mouth, and you're gonna be quiet, aren't ya?
    Itchy: Mm. Mm-hmm.
    Charlie: Ha ha. That's my pal. [lets go]
    Charlie: Will you shut up?! Itchy, I'm alive! Look, Iook! Do ghosts have fleas?
    • And before that, Itchy freaking out, thinking that Charlie is a ghost. Only reasonable since he did see him get run over by a car.
    Itchy: (after waking up from a nightmare where Carface is strangling him) Oh! Charlie! Charlie! It's you! I-I saw-CARFACCE! And he was—chokin' me! He was grabbing my neck, and then-(realizes who he's talking to) Oh. Hi, Charlie.
    Charlie: (chuckles) Hi.
    Itchy: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!! (Tries to dart for it, but Charlie grabs him, trying to shush him) It—CHARLIE! (wriggles out of Charlie's grasp and again tries to flee, but Charlie grabs him and tries to shush him again) Oh NO!—You're a GHOST! (wrestles away from Charlie and jumps out of his room and scrambles into the main area followed by Charlie) Get back! Get back, don't hurt me! (pulls out a toolset) Uh, here, take my nine-piece ratchet set! (flings it at Charlie and climbs up onto a table, pulling out an oilcan) My oilcan! (chucks oilcan at Charlie and then grabs a hood ornament as Charlie climbs up onto the table, glaring at him) And—uh-uh-uh, don't go away—without my Rolls Royce hood ornament—! (hits Charlie on the head with hood ornament)
  • After Charlie is okay, the whole scene with the ray gun - the gun badly misfiring in all directions, and Carface screaming, "MORONS!!! I'M SURROUNDED BY MORONS!"
  • At the end.
    Carface: AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH! I'll get that gator if it's the last thing I do!
    Anabelle: Touch that clock and you can never come back.
    Carface: Shut up!
    Charlie: He'll be back *winks*
  • When Charlie comes back to Earth, he pops out of the water, scaring a cat.
  • Charlie complaining about the music as the credits start:
    Charlie: "Hey! I know we're dead up here, but so's the music!"
  • From the TV series, the entire episode "The Big Fetch". It's a noir parody that sends up the genre in every scene.
    Itchy rescues Charlie from an out-of-control pram, only for it to explode as they get away.
    Itchy: Wow...wait, there weren't any explosives on that thing!
    Charlie: Yeah, I know, but it looks good on camera!
  • From the first movie; when Charlie arrives in Heaven and dances with Annabelle, he compliments her on her dancing and says she has natural rhythm... but watch her feet. She's not actually dancing, Charlie's just swinging her around on his own; the only time her feet touch the cloud they're on, she's just posing in a sort of ballet-like way.
  • From one episode, this happens when they encounter an Angry Guard Dog.
    Charlie: Itchy...on the count of three, run like a mad dog. (Guard dog gets nearer, and he runs off) Three!
    • Also from the same episode when the duo make the dog get pulled back by the chain:
    Itchy:'d you know that'll happen?
    Charlie: You never watch cartoons?
  • Any time Carface tells Killer to shut up.
  • In the Christmas Special, Belladonna's deliberately annoying impression of her cousin. Even funnier when you remember that they're played by the same actress.

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