Funny / All Creatures Great and Small

  • A drunken Siegfried cleaning his prospective employers' windshield. With a dead chicken. See it here.
  • Tristan accidentally sending a rude client a jar of infected cow dung and instructing him to rub it into his pig.
  • Siegfried scaring Tristan out of his mind with a real human skeleton and dropping innocent little hints over the next few days.
  • James, after a long day, attempts to milk a bull.
  • James' first conversation with Tricki-woo, having to thank him for the cheese "he" sent him and reminding him to eat more protein and fewer sweet biscuits. With Tristan right behind him.
  • James has taken Tricky Woo to stay at the surgery for a few days. Mrs Pumfrey has been calling several times a day to enquire after Tricky. James has to promise to pass on 'Mummy's love' and say 'Uncle Herriot will tuck Tricky Woo in, don't worry' in front of a grinning Tristan
    Tristan: Uncle Herriot certainly does have the bedside manner down pat.
    James: Uncle Herriot will do you an injury if you don't shut up!
    Tristan: Wicked Uncle Herriot!
  • Tristan is very hungover and has spent the night asleep in the car because he forgot his key and didn't want to wake Siegfried up.
    James: Tristan! You've been sick all over the passenger seat!
    Tristan: Have I? How inconsiderate of me. I do apologise.
    James: *glares*
    Tristan: *woozily* Can I go into the house now?
  • Mrs Pumfrey has just adopted a pig. James comes to examine it and breaks the news that it can't live in the house. The maid busy dusting sighs in audible relief!
  • James has been rather on edge recently.
    James: What is the point of me telling you things if you DONíT LISTEN! *storms out*
    Siegfried: Ö Hmmm. Would you say our James has had something on his mind recently?
    Tristan: Her nameís Helen. *Cheshire cat grin*
    Siegfried: Oh. *smiles*
  • Mrs Hall demonstrates double standards:
    Mrs Hall: More bacon James?
    James: No thanks!
    Tristan: *steals bacon*
    Mrs Hall: I'll cut your fingers off!