Funny / Aliens: Colonial Marines

  • On a spaceship that's coming apart; the group is trying to reach the cargo bay, where a dropship is waiting for them. (paraphrased)
    "How far is it?"
    "You want that in meters, or the number of things trying to kill us?"
    "Eh, it's about the same."
    "About four hundred, yeah."
  • After a cataclysmic spaceship crash (sadly only in the gameplay demonstration):
    Sergeant: Look at me, how many fingers am I holding up? (Three Fingers)
    Winter: "One."
    Sergeant: Eh, he's fine.
  • In "The Raven" O'Neal warns Winter over the radio about the Boiler aliens, but doesn't know one important fact about them. Winter criticizes him for not mentioning that they explode.
    O'Neal: They explode?!
  • One of the Audio Logs you find in the Weyland Yutani labs:
    Scientist: The tranquilizer we have been introducing into the Queen's food supply has been keeping her docile...
    Alien Queen In Background: (DEAFENING SCREECH!!!!!!)
    Scientist: (Awkward laugh).... uh, relatively.
  • Unintentional examples from the game's bugginess: an alien caught up on something, making it appear to dance and this bizarre animation of an alien that blindly strolls right past the player during a stealth section.
  • During a firefight in the Space Jockey's ship, as the player and NPCs are attempting to outrun a score of xenos:
    Hicks: "There's one on the gun!" (referring to the Space Jockey's seat)
    O'Neal: "That's a gun?!"
  • This bit all the way at the very end, when Bishop attempts to download the information from the Micheal Weyland synthetic decoy.
    Winter: Is this...dangerous?
    Winter: Dumb question, incredibly sorry.