Funny / Ali G Indahouse

  • The very audible sex scene between Ali and Julie, followed by the Double Entendre filled speech from the prime minister about his meeting with a foreign president.
  • Borat calling Ali G a cocksucker. His accent actually softened when he said it.
  • The scene where the Massive massiv break into parliament is this mixed with Crowning Momentof Awesome.
  • "Well I put it to you...dat you sucked off a 'orse!", followed by a Suspiciously Specific Denial.
    • And proof in the very end.
  • Ali's hunger strike, which barely lasts an hour because he wants to try some KFC chicken dippas.
    • "Startin' again from now!"
    • Immediately after, the Humiliation Conga that starts with Ali's rival gang de-pantsing him while he's chained to a fence and ends with an old blind guy accidentally giving him a handjob while trying to polish said fence.
  • "Here's me phone. Set it to vibrate and finish yo'self off!"
  • Ali's address to a group of feminists: "ALL DA BITCHES IN DA HOUSE SAY 'AYO!'" He then tells them that he owns many of their videos and promises to lower taxes on strap-ons.
  • —> David Carlton: Have you ever considered becoming a member of parliament?
    Ali G: What me wanna do that for? It's full of pricks.
    David Carlton: That's a little harsh. I'm an MP, am I a prick?
    Ali G: Yes.
  • "Don't be a spannah, "it" ain't a real word. It's short for "innit", innit?"
  • R.E.S.T.E.C.P!
  • "Dat's no prozzie, dat's me ho!"
  • "If you iz watching dis in da UK, you may remember me from da telly. If you iz in Belgium... you iz living in a shit hole."
  • "Furthermore, I am a bellend. I like to take it up the batty. Yes, I do. It feel really nice and is me favourite. I used to be a girl and wear knicks. Honest!"
  • Ali G's random soundbytes that interrupt the movie and provide no real exposition.
  • "Switch on the engine, pass it on" becomes "Bitch on a pension, suck my dong!"
  • The stoned U.S. President.
    U.S. President: All those in favour of sending Iraq down to the gas station to get some potato chips and chocolates please say "aye"!
  • Ali G's dream in the beginning of the film.
    • Ali confronts a Mexican hoodlum mistreating his escorts. After the hoodlum spits on his car, he gets out to face him, starts hawking, and only manages to make a small spit, After using a tissue to clean it up:
    Ali G: You made me use me last tissue. Me ain't got another one now!
    • As the hoodlum's gang assembles to open fire upon him, the hoodlum curses at Ali in Spanish. Ali responds with: "You what? Speak to da hand, 'cuz da face, it ain't listenin." After the hoodlum gives his crew a command, the gang opens fire. Ali grabs two Uzis and starts firing, managing to shoot one thug... and a random old lady.
    Ali G: Sorry!
    • When he spots a young kid running in the street to retrieve his soccer ball, and a truck heading his way, he runs towards him while dodging bullets in a number of hilarious ways, such as doing a cartwheel. At one point, his Gag Penis bursts out of his jeans leg, which he tucks back in.
    • After saving the kid, he grabs a random M-16 from the ground and dispatches the gang... only to find another gang training their weapons at him. He fires his M-16, but it has run out of bullets. So he mimes gunfire, and the gang laughs and open fire on him. The bullets manage to form an outline around Ali, and he deflects two bullets with his rings on his hand. The gang realizes he cannot be defeated and run away. Ali quips, "Unlucky!" and walks away to reveal his bullet outline... gag penis included.