Funny: Akame ga Kiru!

  • Initially, Tatsumi doesn't want to join Night Raid. Leone ignores him and has Bulat haul him off of his feet and to their base.
  • The first meeting of the group that will be later known as the Jaegars.
    • It starts with the introduction of Wave, walking to the Imperial HQ carrying a sack of fresh fish from his home town as gifts. He thinks himself fitting in fine in the big city, but notes that people are looking at him funny, unaware (or perhaps just doesn't care) that people are noting that he's obviously from the country.
    • He then enters the designated meeting room for his new team in the imperial palace, but not before remembering his father's advice to give a strong first impression. As soon as he enters, he sees a shirtless burly masked man staring at him, and quickly shuts the door in fear, noting that it must be the torture's room. He then looks at his memo and looks up, finding that the room is the designated meeting room. He reluctantly goes back in and after a few moments, is visibly unnerved by how the masked man is staring at him.
    • Several people then start entering the room: (in order) a cute but silent girl who doesn't want to share the cookies she's eating, a lively girl with metal arms and her dog, and a definitely gay guy who compliments Wave's good looks. Wave thinks all of them are weirdos.
    • The last person to enter introduces himself in a normal way, causing wave joy for finally meet a relatively normal person. Also, the masked guy finally decided to speak up confessing that he was just shy.
  • Esdeath and her interactions with Tatsumi are a gold mine for laughs.
    • When they first meet, she offers him a reward for having won the fighting tournament. Tatsumi thinks it's a cash prize, and although he doesn't like accepting money from the enemy, he's ready to do so and walk off. Only the "reward" is belonging to her. She slaps a collar around his neck and basically kidnaps him with the entire stunned crowd watching.
    • When in the palace, she casually introduces him to her subordinates. Only Tatsumi is chained to a chair by his collar, clearly unhappy. She thinks it's normal because she wants Tatsumi to stand out as her lover. After Wave explains that the collar isn't the best of ideas, Esdeath asks who among the Jaegers has a lover. Bols is the one who raises his hand. He's been married for six years.
      • She then asks him for advice about how to win Tatsumi's heart, to which Bols' reply was persistence, citing himself as an examplenote . Esdeath is then seen taking notes.
    • When they are teleported to a faraway island Tatsumi asks her to hit him without leaving a serious wound in order to see if the island is an illusion. Esdeath's reaction is to blush and state that she wasn't aware that Tatsumi also had such interests.
  • Oh, Susanoo
    Boss: The Revolutionary Army let me use him because I'm the first person he's ever responded to.
    Susanoo: She resembles my old master. He was a great man.
    Tatsumi: MAN?!
    • Leone and Tatsumi start laughing, and then get his by the Boss in retribution.
  • The reasons that Sheele doesn't have a job at the base;
    • When she tried to cook it was so bad that the normally cool-headed chef Akame got annoyed.
    • When she tried to clean she ended up making an even bigger mess for Bulat to clean up.
    • When she tried to shop she mistook sugar for salt and Leone couldn't stop laughing about it.
    • And finally when she tried to do laundry she washed Mien's clothes... she was still in them at the time. Almost as funny: Tatsumi doesn't really mind that last one.
  • Leone and Akame help Lubbock and Tatsumi train by sitting on their backs. When Mine comments on this, Lubbock says he needs to step up his game, since Bulat's gone.. Leone comments he needs to work harder since he had done only half as many pushups as Tatsumi. Akame comments that would be impossible since Leone is heavier than her. Mien, Lubbock, and Tatsumi look horrified. In the next scene, Akame has a lump on her head.
  • Behold the Theatre. Even crazy killers can be adorable.
  • Tatsumi tries to play a prank on Chelsea while she's taking a bath, but she turns into Susanoo, then threatens to castrate him if he ever tries to peep on her again.
  • In Episode 13:
    • Wave's shock as Bols interacts with his family. Kurome calmly pats him on the shoulder.
    • Tatsumi makes a dramatic speech, only for it to be pointed out by Su that his fly is down. Everyone minus the chief makes fun of him.
    • Tatsumi's horror at his wonderful reunion with Esdeath.