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Funny: Age of Empires III
  • When someone get the randomly-spawned tomatoes treasure from games.
    (Discoverer) has found tomatoes worth 60 food and can now make pasta sauce.
  • George Crushington. Enough said. I guarantee any player laughed their ass of the first time they entered that cheat.
  • Some of the audio taunts, which include "I'm in ur base, killin ur doods" spoken like a Quintessential British Gentleman and "Such a noob" spoken by Queen Elizabeth.
  • Campaign-exclusive units get unit bios too, usually including extensive historical background. But the bio for the railway workers you have to protect from the Sioux in the second mission of "Shadow" just says "Stop reading this and save this railroad worker!"
  • Most of the AI's insulting comments from the snarky Napoleon, the boisterous Suleiman, the hammy Cuauthemoc, the bloodthirsty Tokugawa, etc are guaranteed to make you laugh everytime they spoke a line or two.
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