Funny / Aero Fighters

  • Keaton and Keith's two-player ending in Aero Fighters 1 After Keaton lands succesfully in an aircraft carrier Keith crash-lands, and the ship sinks. Both pilots end almost entirely submerged in water, with Keaton swearing and Keith apologizing.
  • Aero Fighters 2: The very existence of a dolphin pilot.
    Whity/Spanky: "I am the world's first dolphin pilot."
  • Keaton's ending in Aero Fighters 2: He ejects his head out of the cockpit in an emergency...and lands on the moon.
    • Keaton's ending in Aero Fighters 3: He finally gets a human body once again! Which, for some reason, has a massive drill on his private area.
      Keaton: "What's this?!"
  • Spanky and Steve's ending in Aero Fighters 2: Steve suggests that Spanky join a circus. Spanky tells Steve to shut up and shoots their plane down.
  • Bobby's and Hien's ending in Aero Fighters 2: Hien suggests to Bobby that he become a ninja. Cue shot of Bobby in a baby's ninja outfit holding a shuriken.
  • The battle with Soh-Takeko in Aero Fighters 3. Skip to near the end of this stream to see, and note the players' reactions.
  • Start a second loop of Aero Fighters 3. Wait around when the transformed Tokyo Tower appears and it'll fall into the lake.
  • Angela's line, "I'm too punk to lose!" Somehow, the translators tried to make her(?) into a punk rocker to explain her various...affectations.
  • Hien taking a bath while still wearing his flight helmet and mask.