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Funny: Adam-12
  • In one episode, The guys try everything to rid the unit of a nasty smell, but it keeps getting worse. Originally it was a perfume spilll but air freshener and gasoline got mixed in as they try desperately to cover it up.
  • In the episode "Training Wheels," Officer Wells suggests having several officers impersonate paperboys using unclaimed bicycles to try to trap a group of car strippers. Wells gets the short end of the stick several times: first, he arrives late at the beginning of the tour and winds up with a girls bike; then, he's yelled at by an irate newspaper customer (after Malloy tells her that Wells is her paperboy); and lastly, the bike he's riding is wrecked when capturing the car strippers. The look on the little girl's face when he tries to explain how her bike got wrecked is priceless.
  • The trouble with The Alleged Car in "Beast", in an it-wasn't-funny-at-the-time sort of way.
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