Funny / Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

  • The last Strigon pilot you shoot down in the Moloch Desert mission to accomplish it...Genre Savvy much?
    Strigon pilot: "No! He got me! Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh!"
  • There's also a certain Mook in a mission somewhere in a Bind of Doom, in something along these lines:
    Stovie pilot: "I've got an ejection system malfunction! I can't eject! "
  • AWACS Ghost Eye is a refreshing change of pace from by the book Thunderhead, joking with pilots and snarking at them if they ever give him a chance.
    Avalanche: Heapin' all that praise on us has got me too red in the face to go back home...
    Ghost Eye: Roger that Avalanche. I'll just report you as gunned down and missing in action.

    Shamrock: I could've danced a few more numbers!
    Sky Kid: I'm still dancing. Go ahead and leave without me.
    Ghost Eye: Don't give me that Sky Kid! It's past your bedtime!
    Windhover: Heh, you'd make a scary mother Ghost Eye... But I guess we should make it back...
  • In Mission 12, we get this from Garuda 2:
    Shamrock: "We're not a couple of private dancers for the military, you know."
  • The Aigaion, and its escorts. Armed to the teeth, escorted by some of the best pilots available, and most importantly huge. Unfortunately for them, being so huge meant a sluggish A-10 could simply fly up to them and bomb them. Not even missiles, just going ahead and dropping a big, fat, unguided bomb or three on them. One can't help but find that little design oversight humorous.
  • Flying the units with The Idolmaster paint schemes in general. Sure is good to know that the Estovakian army is being obliterated by Garuda 1 in a jet with artwork of cute singing girls on the wings.
  • Mission 10 has an operation with the obligatory Ace Combat Tunnel Flight. It seems like nobody bothered to read up on their history of the past fifteen years as despite legendary pilots doing doing tunnel flights in significant historical battles, people on both sides crap their pants and call you insane for flying through tunnels.
    Bird Eater: Fighter jets diving into tunnels... That's never been done before.
  • The ragtag bunch of Emmerian tank crew thought it'd be good idea to Put the Golden King riding on their M1 Abrams into the Gracemeria, proclaiming the end of the war in absolutely over the top fashion. And the officials never moved the statue back in after that stunt!