Funny / Accepted

  • The scene where Bartleby is eating the brownie while telling Hoit that the college wasn't for sale.
  • Sherman reacting to a Jump Scare, and the resulting noise he makes.
  • "Ask me about my wiener," among many others.
  • Everything that Lewis Black says, seriously!
  • "WHAT ARE YOU?!?!?! *chomp!*"
  • No mention of the wads?
  • The scene at the very end, where that one kid successfully blows up the Dean's car with his mind.
  • Smug Snake: How does one major in bumper stickers?"
  • When Bartleby starts to show Monica around the SHIT campus, they pass the kitchen- the doors suddenly belch out flames and smoke, and Glen is ejected covered in yellow goop. When Bartleby asks what the hell happened, Glen responds "an explosion of flavor".