Funny / A World Of Heroes

A World of Heroes: Reboot

  • Robert's response to Wildcard's suggestion that they kidnap Dr. Reich and Dax pointing out that they have no evidence.
    "Even if I did let either of you kidnap a man in the middle of the night, drag him to an abandoned warehouse, and beat the living shit out him, which I wouldn't."
  • When Freefall and Adamant make their hospital escape, Heavy Metal's Shipper on Deck tendencies become a little bit more pronounced.
    "Oh my God, I totally understand! Oh this is so romantic! Oh my God you two are totally star-crossed lovers, I am so in on this!"
  • The crazy owner of the Shawarma restaurant winds up being Strongman.
  • The fact that "Captain Nazi" is an actual registered hero who is endorsed by the American Nazi Party.
  • Dax actually being to-the-point.
    "Did I forget to say something insubordinate? I'll save it for later."