Funny / A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas

  • When Maria's father (and entire family) show up at Harold and Maria's house:
    Harold: I guess Timo made parole, huh?
    (Timo makes a throat-slashing gesture)
    Mr. Perez: Not exactly.
  • Mr. Perez explains why having a Christmas tree is so important to him, and revealing that his mother was killed by a "gang of Korean punks" (all played by John Cho).
  • Harold telling one of Maria's relatives where the bathroom is:
    Harold: (in Spanish) It's just down the...buttfucker.
  • This exchange between Harold and Kumar:
    Kumar: Harold, calm down. It's just a Christmas tree.
    Harold: Just a Christmas tree? Maria's dad grew that tree, and now it is dead. Koreans have killed his mother and now his tree.
  • RZA making a cameo appearance as an angry Christmas tree salesman.
    Latrell: Hey, can I play angry black guy this time?
  • Adrian finding out who Mary's father is and realizing why she's still a virgin.
  • Mary mistaking Kumar for a black guy, then Harold getting caught with his pants down (literally) by Mary's father.
  • NPH, full stop.
    NPH: I am gay. Gay for that pussy!
  • Todd's baby getting high, then snorting cocaine. And rubbing it on her gums.
  • The very fact that Obama granted Kal Penn an extended leave from the White House just to work on a stoner comedy.