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Funny: A Shadow Of The Titans
  • When Gizmo and Mammoth tease Jade about a Dating Catwoman scenario after she declares BB her Arch-Enemy, she blasts Gizmo with the Dragon Talisman. That's funny in itself, but the fact that Jinx, Mammoth, and the secretary barely even react is even better.
  • The Running Gag of Jinx repeatedly asking Jade if she's part goat or something (because of her Extreme Omnivore diet).
  • Gadjo's Ax-Crazy nature makes him hilarious. See Insane Troll Logic on the main page for his thoughts on relationships, or his list of Berserk Buttons, for starters.
    • Speaking of Gadjo, Jinx's team (minus Jade) trading stories of what he did to another student for bringing up zombies (one of the above mentioned buttons). It's made even funnier when Jade points out that the guy is sitting a couple of tables away!
  • Beast Boy's reaction to Jade declaring him her Arch-Enemy isn't quite what you'd expect (him getting Mammoth thrown on top of him after the initial response in no way diminishes the hilarity).
    • Followed by Cyborg trying and failing to convince him first that they don't actually qualify as archenemies, and then explaining that even if that's the case, BB shouldn't be happy about it.
  • Jade's attempt to grow a new set of eyebrows after a potion accident goes awry, resulting in her getting a mustache. When Jinx laughs, she then gets the rest of the potion thrown in her face, resulting in a pink mustache reaching nearly to her shoulders.
    • During the tournament, there's a scene change to Gizmo, who tried to use a reverse-engineered version to grow hair, but ended up with a mustache as well.
  • When Raven is taken by the Master of Games, BB was apparently trying to perform a magic trick at the same moment. The reaction of Cyborg makes it even funnier:
    Beast Boy stood stunned, wearing a blue magician's hat and holding a plastic wand, looking at the spot Raven had just been standing in. Cyborg leaned forward, glancing between the empty spot and Beast Boy's wand.
    "Beast Boy, what did you just do?" Cyborg calmly demanded.
    "I have no idea," Beast Boy whispered.
    • Later, when the narrative shifts away from the Tournament to show Zatanna showing up to help the Titans find Raven, it's shown that Beast Boy has run himself ragged piecing together a homemade ritual to find her (also a Heartwarming moment). Zatanna's reaction is to magically knock him out; Cyborg thanks her for it.
  • Jade's attempt at building an Amplifier Artifact is the Belt of Awesome, which increases the user's physical stats, but causes them to randomly burst out into song and dance routines. That's funny enough on its own, but the one person we see use it? Mammoth.
    • Gadjo asks to touch the adult Jade's horns. She blasts him through a wall. He offers her fifty bucks to do it again.
    • Due to the Power Incontinence caused by her magical age up, Jade's attempt at shadow teleportation ends up overshooting by whole continents. When someone she calls at the HIVE suggests she use the bus to get home, she points out that she's currently in Portugal.
    • Aged-up Jade getting drunk from one drink, ending up wailing on the bar's karaoke mic, having somehow knocked the bouncer through a wall when he tried to stop her. Jinx ends up having to knock her out with a bat. Which Jade doesn't even feel.
    • Several of the dreams Jade encounters during her Dream Walker trip:
      • Jinx uses a unicorn launcher to blow up a math test.
      • Mammoth has been forced to be the host of a children's show.
      • Gizmo is on a date with a robot, which Jade blows up just to spite him.
      • When Jade enters her own sleeping body, she finds Tarakudo messing around with her subconscious, but thinks it's just a dream. He plays along with this, invoking Real Dreams Are Weirder in order to get her to leave — he makes it start raining ducks in top hats and sprouting giant multicolored mushrooms, then turns himself into a basketball with a mustache. And then, once she leaves, he takes the time to check out a picture of her adult form.
      "Now that is what I call a Queen. Check out those horns!"
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