Funny / A Pup Named Scooby-Doo

  • In "Horror of the Haunted Hairpiece", Fred blaming Red Herring for everything practically hits its' peak when he deliberately goes off-script during the summation and approached Red in his house just to point the finger. Red (who was much more interested in reading the paper) didn't even bother to look up when he told Fred to beat it.
  • The Were-Doo muttering over his crummy gifts during his birthday party:
    Nasty Doo: Yeahgreatabrickwallameteorthinkthey'regreatthey'reswellIgottahavethemIcan'tlivewithout'em...
    • The Running Gag of Scooby and his parents going into a Doo Family Faint whenever someone mentions the Were-Doo.
  • In "Mayhem of the Moving Mollusk":
    Daphne: You're scared of him?
    Julie: He's an ex-Critter Getter, and I owe him money.
    Ivan: That's right, Anita Kathy Jean-whatever. I want my money!
    Julie: I don't have it. I told you that an hour ago. I told you that two hours ago.
    Ivan: Okay. I understand. (walks away) See you in an hour.
  • From the first episode, which involves Shaggy's prized bike being stolen by the Monster of the Week, we have this exchange.
    Freddie: "Well Shaggy, Im glad to see you're taking this loss like a man"
    *The camera pans out to show Shaggy lying on the floor, kicking and screaming over his lost bike like... well, a kid*
  • Fred is trying to go a whole case without accusing Red Herring of being the monster... turns out this is the one time he really was the culprit! Fred doesn't take it well.