Funny / A Match Made In Hell

There are plenty of funny moments, but here are some to note:

  • Stitch disguising as Kairi, and looking convincing to Maleficent and her coven, while the real Kairi, Yuffie, and Pistol going on a drive.
  • The entirety of the the Insult Arm-Wrestling match between Xehanort and Pete, especially at the end.
  • Pete belch-singing "It's a Small World".
  • Really, the entirety of the ridiculous showdown between Pete and Xehanort('s Heartless).
  • The LeBlanc Syndicate landing in Destiny Islands again in a toilet.
    • And then that toilet turns into a monster.
  • Mechanicles Jr. Mk IX's rocket fist poking Abu Kong's eyes.