Funny / A Growing Affection

  • Ino and Nyoko's beach fanservice fight and then the arrival of Kaede.
  • Kakashi's Stealth Insult to Hanabi in 23.
    "Naruto [...] is my student. And more than that, he has become like that annoying younger sibling you never asked for, but care about anyway."
    • Kakashi has a habit of doing this. He says something similar to Sakura in 46.
  • Naruto manages to completely undermine Kabuto's crowning moment of mad science by being unable to remember the name of the donor of his arm transplant.
  • The Kyubi mentioning that she almost literally practices Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking.
    "I hunt down powerful shinobi and other demons and kill them for fun. When I'm not indulging in murder, I like to use this Sexy Jutsu to seduce men to leave their wives and to cheat at cards and dice."
  • Shikamaru implies that one of the reasons he didn't immediately tell Temari he liked her was because Gaara scares him.
  • Chapter 41: Turns out not even ninja like helping someone move into a new home.
  • "No one can get past Block!" "No 'one'?" Cue Shadow Clone Jutsu.
  • Before heading to the Land of Greens, why does Neji demand that he, Naruto and Sakura leave at 3 instead of right then? So he could reschedule his dinner date with Tenten to lunch!
  • While infiltrating a town to rescue a blacksmith, Rock Lee picks a fight between three drunk bandits by throwing rocks at them. One of the bandits starts crying... and one of the other two slugs him.
    • Lee can carry you on his back, over his back or bridal style, Mr. Masamune. Make your choice.
  • Naruto tries to keep his word to go with Hanabi for her Chunin exam. This is after he himself is promoted to Chunin. He figures to become a Genin again, he has to be busted down to that rank. He figures the best way to be busted down to Genin is to infuriate Tsunade. He figures the best way to infuriate Tsunade is to resort to one of his favorite and notorious pranks ever—defacing the Hogakes' Monument!
    Tsunade: (after seeing what Naruto did to her face on the Monument) GET HIM IN HERE! NOOOOOW!!!
  • During Anko's stealth and espionage test, Hinata escapes to Naruto's house to hide. Also counts as a Crowning Moment of Awesome because Anko never said she couldn't hide in the village during the test.
    • Plus she assumed Hinata went off to Naruto's place to have sex with him! Cue massive wave of embarrassment from Hinata.
  • Gai once splintered his first two toenails while kicking a can and the ointment Tsunade gave him changed their color. He had Tenten paint the rest so they matched.
  • Tsunade had to take the Jonin test as well. She absolutely terrorized Shizune and Gai.
  • Zetsu arguing with himself during his fight with Hinata in 80 manages to be both disturbing and funny.
    • White Zetsu's portion of the fight consists of pelting Hinata with vegetables from the kitchen, with varying degrees of success.
  • Neji briefly wonders if his grandfather is on drugs in 86.
  • Kakashi uses Shiatsu Fingers on the Pein that feeds off pain to gain power. It actually seems to work.
  • Hinata asks Konan why she's not wearing the Akatsuki uniform. Konan tells her because Madara is about to gain Hanabi's Byakugan and she has her dignity and modesty to worry about!
  • The Leaf village succeeds in catching the Ninja Reaper and are trying to interrogate her. Unfortunately, her batshit-craziness keeps getting in the way. Tsunade asks the other Kages if they have any cures for paranoid schizophrenia or dissociative identity disorder. Gaara has a suggestion:
    "I believe the proscribed treatment for both of those conditions is a battle to the death with Naruto Uzumaki."
  • Naruto trying explain what Konan told him about Nagato to Pein.
  • Pein has caught Kakashi with a gravity jutsu and is about to throw him into a building. Naruto rushes up to catch him which he does... and redirects Kakashi's force to execute a shoulder throw, sending Kakashi back at Pein. Neither of them see it coming.
    "What the hell is he thinking?"
    • Pein makes a note about the implicit trust between Kakashi and Naruto...the former of which rolled right with Naruto's improvisation, and did a replacement jutsu with a very large and thick table. Pein looks off to the side and sees Kakashi waving and eye-smiling at him just as the now-table hits him.
  • The omake previews from the fourth book. In the one for 163, Gouki tells Naruto he's no longer in his will.