Funny: A Feast for Crows

  • Bronn's ever more jaw-droppingly brazen rise to power.
    • To elaborate, Cersei arranges for Bronn to have an unfortunate accident with his underlings, Ser Balman and Lady Falyse. Instead, Balman challenges to a jousting match on horseback (thinking that Bronn, not having any jousting experience, will get knocked off his horse and can be killed while he's lying stunned on the ground), only for Bronn to kill Balman's horse instead and kill him while he's lying stunned on the ground. Bronn then kicks out Lady Falyse. Note that this is after Bronn has named his adopted son "Tyrion" when it would be suicide to do so, and has gotten away with it.
    • When Lady Falyse goes crying to Cersei about this, Cersei is so exasperated that she forgets about Bronn and tosses Lady Falyse in the really nasty part of the dungeon.
    • There is a reason why this moment appears on the Moment of Awesome page as well as this one.
  • Nimble Dick laughing over the story of "The Perfect Knight" and imagining their head saying he should have used the magic sword.
  • Jaime surprises Jonos Bracken in the middle of sex, and one of the darkest mainstream fantasy series ever briefly turns into a classical French farce. "And how fares your lady wife?"
    • Even funnier is Jaime's deadpan snark response to Bracken's greeting.
    Bracken: I fear I did not hear your coming, my lord.
    Jaime: And I fear I've interrupted yours.
    • And Bracken telling his Camp Follower not to cover herself up, her instinctive reaction when Jaime barges in on them. "He wants to see your tits."
  • Jaime's whole visit to the Frey camp is hilarious. He strolls in like a boss, interrupts Lord Ryman, and explains the small flaw in his brilliant plan to him (paraphrasing):
    Frey: I told the Blackfish that if he did not surrender, I would execute his nephew, but he refused.
    Jaime: So you killed Edmure Tully.
    Frey: It worked with Lord Mallister — he gave in within hours after they threatened to kill his son. But Brynden Tully is impossible to reason with!
    Jaime: So, clearly, you had to kill Edmure Tully.
    Frey: No.
    Jaime: No?
    Frey: I can't kill him! He's the only leverage I have!
    Jaime: Only a fool threatens to do what he is not prepared to do. If I threatened to hit you if you opened your mouth again, and you dared to speak, what do you think I would do?
    Frey: Ser, you do not underst-
    Jaime: ::backhands::
    • Then he deposes Ryman, sends him home, and tells his son Edwyn that he's now in charge, provided he tries not to be as much of an idiot as his father. It seems like Jaime's picking up the Lannister awesome/funny slack while Tyrion is busy being all drunk and depressed.
      • When Jaime tells Edwyn Frey to do a better job than his father, Edwyn's response is pretty funny as well:
    Woman: I'm the queen.
    Jamie: My sister will be surprised to hear that.
    Woman: Lord Ryman crowned me his very self. (shakes her hips) I'm the queen o'whores.
    Jamie's thoughts: No my sweet sister holds that title too.
  • Victarion Greyjoy's interesting priorities:
    Euron's gifts were poisoned, the captain had reminded himself the day the dusky woman came aboard. I want none of his leavings. He had decided then that he would slit her throat and toss her into the sea, a blood sacrifice to the Drowned God. Somehow, though, he had never gotten around to it.
  • Victarion's misadventures as he sails east.
  • Arya meets the Kindly Man, the apparent head of the Faceless Men and asks him if he can teach her to change her face. He tells her to puff her cheeks and stick out her tongue, and when she does, tells her, "There, your face has changed."
  • Arya and the kindly man get one in the house of black and white.
    The priest lowered his cowl. Beneath he had no face; only a yellowed skull with a few scraps of skin still clinging to the cheeks, and a white worm wriggling from one empty eye socket. "Kiss me, child," he croaked, in a voice as dry and husky as a death rattle.
    • She proceeds to grab for the worm and try to eat it, only for it to dissolve in her hands as he takes off the face. The kindly man is amused. "No one has ever tried to eat my worm before."
  • In a nice bit of Black Comedy in AFFC, Cersei's bounty on Tyrion's head results in several unscrupulous individuals murdering random dwarfs and at least one child. After the umpteenth wrong head being brought to her, Cersei angrily asks Lady Merryweather just how many dwarfs could there possibly be. Lady Merryweather replies, "Fewer than there were before."
  • In A Feast For Crows, Jaime attempts to follow in his father's footsteps, and intimidate Edmure Tully by having a minstrel play "The Rains of Castamere". Edmure reacts appropriately (Jaime actually thinks it's an over-reaction), but rather than being spooked by the song, which is usually the case, Edmure demonstrates Skewed Priorities, as his reaction is because the minstrel Jaime had play it once wrote a derisive song about Edmure being unable to get it up.
    • There's also Dramatic Irony value in that the audience learns that the minstrel in question, Tom O'Sevens, belongs to a group of outlaws who are exacting revenge on Freys and Lannisters, and it's implied from some of Tom's comments that Jaime just moved up his position on the "going to get hanged" list.
  • Emmon Frey's going on about how Tommen has made him Lord of Riverrun and waving around the letter about this is hilarious. Along with his complaints about attacking Riverrun as it will damage his property. Then his wife telling him "The stableboys know about the King's decree." Then when he finally has Riverrun he makes a speech for about three hours on him being Lord, continuing to wave his paper around. The minstrel says Emmon should have been a singer, "This speech is longer then a marcher ballad, and I don't think he's stopped for breath", and says he'll make a song about it called "Talking to the Fish".
  • In A Feast For Crows, Cersei has become so used to everybody knowing about her and Jaime that she starts to forget that it's still technically supposed to be a secret (and that that secret is the only reason Tommen is still sitting on the Iron Throne). Forgetting leads her into funny ass-covering moments, like when she tells the Tyrells that that Tommen will be a great jouster like his father, and then has to backtrack and scramble to remember if Robert ever actually won any jousts.
  • Shitmouth exclaiming, "Well bugger me with a bloody spear!" on seeing the legendary Kingslayer. Jaime immediately requests someone hand Ser Ilyn a spear so he can shove it up the man's ass.
    Shitmouth: (eying the spear) Get away from me with that thing!
    Jaime: Well make up your mind.
  • Gatehouse Ami says how her father was hung by outlaws. Her Grammar Nazi mother corrects it to "hanged", saying "Your father was not a tapestry."
    • Lancel was told to marry Gatehouse Ami because she'd win over the Darry smallfolk. His and Jaime's cousin Daven asks Jaime "How, by fucking them?"
    • When Amerei Frey tells Jaime how Ser Harwyn planned to give her Beric Dondarrion's head, he remembers how he presented Pia with the head of a man who tried to rape her, and imagines Tyrion saying "Whatever became of giving women flowers?"
  • This bit of Margaery Tyrell's description of her imprisonment.
    They will not even let me sleep. They wake me to demand confessions. Last night I confessed to Septa Unella that I wished to scratch her eyes out.
  • The story of how Asha lost her virginity to a man who "only spoke six words of the Common Tongue. Fuck was one of them."
  • From a group of mummers trying to put on Seven Drunken Oarsmen after two of their troupers have left:
    "We shall strive to make up in drunkenness what we lack in oarsmen. I for one am equal to the task."