* Young Calogero's confessional.
-->'''Priest''': Wait. Can you back up a bit?\\
'''Young C''': I ate meat on Friday once?\\
'''Priest''': Not that one. Back up a little more.\\
'''Young C''': About witnessing a murder?\\
'''Priest''': Yeah, that's the one. Do you realize what you said?\\
'''Young C''': It was only once!
** And then the priest tries to convince C he needs to tell the cops the truth:
-->'''Priest''': Don't be afraid, my son. Nobody's more powerful than God.\\
'''Young C''': I don't know about that. Your guy's bigger than my guy up there... but my guy's bigger than yours down here.\\
'''Priest''': (beat) Ya got a point. (thinks it over) Okay, I want you to say five Our Fathers and five Hail Marys.\\
'''Young C''': For lying about a murder rap? That's not bad, Father!\\
'''Priest''': What did you say?!
** Pretty much anything out of Young C's mouth. There's a reason the critics loved the younger version over the older one that tells the second half of the movie.
* In the opening narration Calogero talks about how at night you could hear the sounds of young Italian men wooing their women - cue a man driving slowly alongside his wife/girlfriend shouting "Honey, will you just get in the fucking car?!"
* As Sonny trains Calogero to play craps, he keeps sending his cronies, one by one, into the single-stall bathroom so as to clear the room of bad luck and distractions. The scene almost plays like something out of a slapstick comedy; as Calogero keeps throwing the dice, the guys crammed inside the bathroom wriggle around uncomfortably to peek out and see if they can finally escape their claustrophobic confines.
* At the racetrack, Sonny is confident their horse will win until they overhear Eddie Mush cheering for the same horse. Sonny immediately rips up the betting slips and sure enough the horse is overtaken right at the finish line.