From Bad To Worse: Other

  • The 2014-15 "Plane Flu": a series of events that can only be summarized as "and in the next month another plane crashed..."
  • There's an old joke that is the essence of this trope. A farmer who's been away from home for a week drives back into town, and stops for some cigarettes before he reaches his house. The sheriff pulls up and tells him some bad news...
    Sheriff: John, I have some bad news for you. Your dog is dead.
    Farmer: Aw damn, old Sport? What happened to him?
    Sheriff: He died from eatin' too much horse flesh.
    Farmer: Horse flesh?...wait a minute, you don't mean MY horses?!
    Sheriff: Yup, they perished when your barn burnt down.
    Farmer: My barn?!
    Sheriff: Oh, it was the spark from the house fire that done it.
    Farmer: My HOUSE burned?!
    Sheriff: To the ground, thanks to those damn candles at your mother-in-law's funeral.
    Farmer: Mother Sloan is dead?
    Sheriff: And buried! 'Twas the shock of her only daughter runnin' off with that hired man what did her in.
    Farmer: WHAT?! My wife has left me? You're telling me that on top of all that I have to raise three children without their mother?!
    Sheriff: What? Oh, no, no... your kids all died in the barn fire!
  • A Witney Darrow cartoon for The New Yorker magazine depicts a woman sprawled unconscious on her floor after receiving some stunning/horrific news via phone. Meanwhile, the voice at the other end is saying "...And that's not the half of it! Wait until you hear this!"
  • This trope of all things was subjected to this. It was originally called "It Got Worse" and defined as "a terrible situation getting some final perfect push over the edge". It became a Pothole Magnet for pretty much any situation, In-Universe and out, that might fit this trope. Not surprisingly, the situation got worse and attracted massive sinkholes and misuse as a catchphrase for anything that the editor at least thought is a bad situation, thus leading to a rename to From Bad to Worse and the original name is now a deliberate redlink.
  • Russian Guy Suffers Most: In proior to the dawn of the second millenium, the Vikings attacked Europe and gained a reputation as Memetic Badasses who where out to Rape, Pillage, and Burn. After about 200 years the raids stopped but then the crusades where going on. Then Genghis Khan came along...
  • The NATO intervention in the Libyan Civil War may turn out to be something like this. Though there is a legitimate government in place, it exercises very little authority and is essentially non-existent in some places. Worse, many of the militia groups that helped defeat Gaddafi refuse to disarm: a few are associated with Islam extremism, while others are essentially run by warlords who abuse their power to get what they want. There are fears that another civil war could be on the way.
  • The Catholic Church sex abuse scandals in Ireland. Every time you think it can't possibly get any worse, new horrors come to light. For a long time, people thought the molestation and abuse of children by priests, and the enslavement and torture of "fallen women" in the Magdalene Laundries were as bad as the scandal was going to get. Things got so bad the Vatican closed their embassy in Ireland and Ireland closed their embassy in Rome, after the Irish PM delivered a ferocious condemnation of their crimes. For a while it looked like the entirety of the worst of it had come to light. Then came the 2014 discovery of a mass grave of almost 800 babies and children in Co. Galway, on the grounds of a mother and baby home run by nuns. And just when you think there can't possibly be anything more horrible than something that's comparable to Nazi war crimes? The mass grave was a septic tank.
    • New evidence has come to light that not all 800 babies were buried in the septic tank and that the circumstances of the burial on the site of the child home were more complex (most seemed to be famine and sickness), which has led news organizations like the Associated Press has denounced the incident as press exaggeration. An investigation committee has been appointed to clear this up, but arguably due to the media circus that erupted from this incident, whether exaggerated or not, this case still applies.
  • In September 2008 a single fire engine with a four-man crew responded to a call in suburban Los Angeles concerning a "possible physical rescue"note . When they arrived at the address from whence the call came they realized it was a commuter train wreck and promptly requested five ambulances, then they noticed the fire and called for thirty fire trucks, and when it became clear the locomotive had been driven into the first passenger car by the head-on collision dispatch was called for the last time and every heavy search-and-rescue unit in the city was summoned.