Fridge Horror / Comic Books

  • In Mage: The Hero Discovered, Mirth says, "... I'm sure there are actually quite a few ghosts out there leading relatively normal lives."
  • In the 49th issue of Futurama Comics, Bender creates a ventriloquist's dummy, which tries to kill Fry. Fry tries to tell Bender, but Bender dismisses his claims. Then at the end, after Bender creates more dummies, it's revealed that the "dummies" are in fact miniature clones of the Planet Express crew, with their minds modifyed to really hate humans. That means Bender KNEW Fry wasn't crazy or making up the attacks, and just chose to ignore him for no good reason whatsoever. And he's supposed to be Fry's best friend?!
    • Bender's an asshole. Has been from day one, always will be. If him putting Fry's life at risk for no good reason surprises you, you clearly haven't been paying attention.
  • I Feel Sick: Every last one of Devi's love interests has died. note 
  • Astérix:
    • The Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain team of pirates initially contains four members - a lookout, a Latin scholar navigator, the Captain, and his son Erix. The Running Gag with the pirates is that after getting their ship sunk by Asterix and Obelix, they keep struggling to buy new ships. Later, one scene with the pirates revealed that the Captain had been forced to sell his own son into slavery in order to buy the new ship, and he appears legitimately distraught about it and vows he'll buy his son back as soon as he can. Of course, their ship gets destroyed, they sink into even deeper debt, and Erix is never mentioned or seen again. The authorial explanation is that they had Erix Put on a Bus because he wasn't funny, but the idea of a teenage boy sentenced to a life of slavery forever thanks to the heroes constantly breaking his father's ship is by a long margin the darkest thing in the comic.
    • One story shows a woman grieving over her boyfriend being forced to join The Glory That Was Rome on pain of death, and the other characters discuss that this is not uncommon. This essentially means that the Romans the main characters repeatedly beat up aren't just colonialist invading forces which don't want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere battling superhumanly-strong madmen over a tiny settlement containing nothing of value, but likely people who had no control over whether or not they even joied the army and don't deserve to be mangled by angry barbarians.
  • Happens in-universe to the cast of the Treehouse of Horror story "Immigration of the Body Snatchers", when at the end they gradually realize they are all fictional characters and are going to cease to exist once the comic book is closed.