Fridge: Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

  • Fridge Horror: Dark Link/Link's Shadow is part of Link as his dark side who wants to kill him. Ganon's minions are trying to resurrect him by pouring Link's blood on his ashes. Therefore SOME part of Link wants to revive Ganon.
    • Maybe to beat his butt back to hell for his crimes? Link obviously knows its not worth it, but a part of him still isn't satisfied with his defeat.
  • Fridge Logic: Link's blood is needed to revive Ganon, but if Link dies by falling into lava, all of Link is vaporized, blood and all. Yet somehow, Ganon is revived.
  • Fridge Brilliance: According to Word of God, Christianity was originally intended to be the religion of Hyrule, which is seemingly at odds with the Three Goddesses first introduced in A Link to the Past. However not only are the original The Legend of Zelda I and Zelda II set in a distant future in which Ganondorf won the events of Ocarina of Time, but Christianity often incorporated elements of native pagan religions to make converting the locals easier. So Zelda II set on a timeline where the peoples' faith in their native goddesses might have been shaken by the defeat of the Hero Of Time, and Christian missionaries may have found ways to make use of the Triforce and its associated mythology to convert the people of Hyrule. It certainly wouldn't be hard to turn Ganon into a Satanic figure who defeats a hero of the native goddesses, while comparing the Triforce to the Holy Trinity and making ALttP's Link destroying Ganon and reclaiming the Triforce into a very Christian story.