Fridge: Yume Nikki

  • Fridge Horror: Just look at the WMG page.
  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • The "Knife" effect, which can be used to kill NPCs, is found in the dark world.
    • Madotsuki can't wake herself up while she has one of the two effects active where she doesn't have arms.
    • The drinks you get from using your money you got from killing various NPCs gives you HP.
    • At the ending screen, two jellyfish appear onscreen. This may make no sense whatsoever, until you get into a theory that says that the whole game was a dream. Madotsuki simply woke up by jumping off the balcony.
    • Why do the jellyfish make a bell chime when you interact with them? Because the "head" of a jellyfish is called a bell.