Fridge / YouTube Poop

Fridge Brilliance
  • The sentence-mixing in WonkyTonkBotty's Michael Rosen poops have certain syllables provided by outside, non-Rosen sources. This at first seems jarring and lazy...but then you realize those syllables are "cum" (e.g. "becomes") and "jizz" (e.g. "gynecologist).
  • This one is just a bunch of stutter loops of The Time Goblin from Tenacious D: Time Fixers, with Jack Black stating repeatedly that "he gobbles time". It at first seems stupid and pointless...but then you realize he's literally gobbling your time.

Fridge Horror
  • One YTP has King Harkinian visit Africa. There, he is attacked by a bunch of angry tribesmen after he says he likes eating poop. If it weren't for Dr. Rabbit saving him in time, he would have been killed, left on the African plains, while Gwonam didn't care, and he would eventually be forgotten.
  • In "SpingeBill Learns the Dark Arts of Krusty Pooping", one of Mr. Krabs' inventions for the Krusty Krab is a SpongeCock. Nausea Fuel aside, that means Mr. Krabs is severing SpongeBob's genitals so he can feed semen to the fish at the Krusty Krab. That is the most disgusting thing I've ever heard of.
  • In a few YouTube Poops, King Harkinian is shown to get bored or run out of food, resulting in him resorting to cannibalism. He eats Morshu and his own daughter Zelda . Yep. You heard me. He's willing to eat his own daughter and heir to the throne, just so he won't be hungry. Made worse by the fact that he's the freaking king, so he should be able to get any food he wants, or send Link to do it at least. - Raguigi
  • The king isn't the only crazy one. In "The King Teaches About Family", King Harkinian talks about certain family issues. One of those is incest. When Zelda hears this, she becomes excited. Even the king is grossed out by this.
  • In some videos, Link and Zelda are treated like they were brother and sister, like in Achille 1234's videos. Now think about that. In some of the more perverse YouTube Poops, they are shown having sex (censored of course). If that isn't creepy, I don't know what is.
  • In "Weegee joins the FBI", it is revealed that Weegee's weaknesses are Belgian waffles and spaghetti. Think about what Weegee is commonly seen eating. Assuming it's his real weakness and he's not faking it, that means he's deliberately weakening himself over time.
  • In many poops, notably SpongeBob poops, many characters seem to be bronies. In some cases, they are even seen masturbating to the stuff. Including Mr. Krabs. This makes it all more unnerving when Mr. Krabs asks for a pony in the Christmas special (even though YT Ps are non-canon).
    • But it was so he could have saddlebags full of money...
      • Which is no better (but at least it's also no worse) because he probably wouldn't care about the actual animal.
      • Yes, but in "Skellington's Revenge", he wishes for some so he can "Cut off their rear ends and mount them over his—" and then it cuts out. THINK. ABOUT. IT.
  • In one video, Weegee has a power level of over a few trillion or even a quadrillion. Goku has a power level of over 9000, and he can create nuke-like explosions. This means Weegee could destroy Earth, or even destroy all the planets and the sun. Of course, you have to put energy units like joules and newtons in mind...
  • In one of the I.M. Meen gets a job videos, I.M. Meen is shown as a college student. Then a wizard transforms him into an old man, throwing his age forward 50 years. Think about that. That means he should be at the equivalent of his 120's by now, and no human has never lived past that age, which meens he will die soon.
  • In "Link Saves the Future", it is revealed that Link will grow up to be an evil villain . Past Link and his friends Morshu, Gwonam, and King Harkinian try to save the future which has been conquered by Link. All but Link are killed, so Link is forced to murder himself to prevent Evil Link from killing them and taking over the future. It turns out that Morshu and his friends had bulletproof vests, and they then go back to the past. They realize Link is alive, and they celebrate by eating feces. Think about this, too...Link is still alive, which means he's still able to grow up and potentially become evil again.

Fridge Logic
  • In many YouTube Poops, King Harkinian is treated like a normal person. He still gets in trouble by average citizens (or at least lower citizens), eats food that anyone can afford (like cereal), and very few people seem to pay attention to him (save for his close friends, and his enemies). In other words, he seems just like a normal guy. Why doesn't he act kingly in these poops? Sure, he can take traitors away, but he doesn't seem very kingly otherwise. He's supposed to be the top authority in the area, and Zelda doesn't do much either. In other words, who's really running Hyrule's government?
  • Why would Link care about the end of the world in 2012 in the video Final Hours? First of all, Hyrule and the Mushroom Kingdom on a different planets from Earth, so the Mayan prophecies would mean nothing to them.
  • In many cases, it has been pointed out in YouTube Poops (or related videos) that Dr. Robotnik mentions words that suspiciously sound like the word "penis" (pingas, piness, piendish, peinous, etc.)...You know what that could mean...