Fridge / YouTube

Fridge Brilliance
  • Matt Molholland's Friday cover is an over-the-top tragic parody apparently fueled entirely by Narm. One day, one YouTube commenter posted the following; try watching it with this in mind, and it gets really tragic. — Ana Sofia
    "His friends are ghosts that he keeps seeing all weekend, starting Friday. He killed them in a drunk car accident. He is reminded of everything that has happened during that weekend that he had with his friends when they were alive. When he punches the mirror, it was the same time he remembered the great moment where he crashed and killed his friends.
    He can't forget his friends, as he keeps seeing them every weekend. It is eternal mortal torture for him."
  • This episode of Epic Meal Time, which had Deadmau5 as a guest star. Am I the only one who notices that they are making mini-Mau5heads from cheese?
  • Dom Fera, the guy who made The Lazer Collection, also makes live-action shorts. One in particular included his friend, Zach, and was called, Zach's Shlieffen Plan. In it, Dom kept mentioning how he has never seen his friend's "Shlieffen Plan," meaning his penis. At first, I didn't know why he kept calling it that, until I learned about it in history class later that year. As it turns out, the Shlieffen Plan was Germany's strategy in World War I that involved fighting on two fronts. Two fronts could mean Ass and vagina.
  • The Rabbits, the fact that more and more just kept coming becomes interesting when you remember rabbits reproduce quickly.
  • Youtube dosn't permit porn videos. People obviously complained. But then you think about it. Sites with porn attract viruses set by other people. Sites with very little/no porn are virus free. Youtube dosn't permit porn so those said viruses aren't releashed there.
    • Except porn sites don't have viruses because they're porn sites, porn sites have viruses because porn attracts people and virus sites need people to view them to spread. Short of a software exploit, the only way for a virus to spread through Youtube is if Youtube put it there themselves. The reason porn videos aren't allowed is because it would ruin their image.
    • Or because it would quickly transform Youtube to a porn-mostly-site. Think about it.
  • April 15th, 2013, YouTube unveils a VHS feature that emulates the analog picture to celebrate the 57th birthday of the invention of magnetic video recording. The sound remains the same because VHS can also record Hi-Fi Stereo.

Fridge Horror
  • This animation. That she can picture a crude world with sufficient similarity, albeit childish, indicates that she lost her sight at a very young age, likely from a terrible disease or gut-wrenching accident, as opposed to being born blind.
    • A... Augh! Why did you do that? That animation was sweet and pure and Heartwarming and you just... ... it... ASFKAJSFAHGALAKSFAHAKL
    • That's not nearly as bad of a revelation as what I was expecting, and, sad as that may be, it's hardly some horrible dark implication that ruins the whole animation. Regardless of whatever may have happened to her in the past, she's clearly getting by perfectly fine in the aftermath. That is, unless you purposely go out of your way to imagine the worst possible scenario for her. *cough*
    • When you first watch it, the thief is a Jerk Ass who steals from a little girl. Second time around, it's a Jerk Ass that steals from a little blind girl. Bastard!
    • What's more, where are her parents? If shes that young, she shouldn't be walking around a scary and dangerous city by herself. Unless whatever accident that caused her blindness killed her parents as well...
    • Even if her parents were dead, you'd think someone like an older sibling, a grandparent, aunt/uncle, godparent, hell even a family friend would be taking care of her and not let her walk off into the city on her own. What does this mean? This means she and Roco likely live in an orphanage. Roco was probably the family dog to begin with. Oh, and other than Roco, she's all alone in the big city and no one else seem to notice her...
    • What makes it even more tragic is that if the orphanage she probably lives in allow small blind children to wander around unsupervised in big dangerous cities, then...Orphanage of Fear. If she were living with relatives, parents or no, then... :(
    • Uh, that's actually just Values Dissonance at work - the animation is Taiwanese, ergo, it's more culturally acceptable for a small child who has shown that they're capable of walking to school or the store or wherever on their own to be allowed to do so. Kinda like how you'll see packs of kindergartners running wild in certain anime street scenes. Her parents are probably fine, they just sent her and Roco out for some milk or something.
    • What about how she was without her dog? Sure, the world seemed innocent enough, but dear lord, she was a blind girl wandering around with only a small stick. She could have easily walked into traffic or off a steep drop.
    • She's never shown going across a street, suggesting she's smart enough to know not to cross without her dog. Plus, she can hear the traffic.
    • Also, during the video, you can see her tapping the wall so she can stay on the sidewalk and now when to turn.
  • The Copyright ID system, when you boil it down, really only favors the big media corporations. They constantly abuse the system due to apparently viewing Fair Use as legalized piracy. Essentially, they are snuffing out creativity and critiques in favor of money. And they're destroying the livelyhoods of many users who make a living off of YouTube to protect their own profits from anything that could either threaten their reputation, or hurt their feelings.