Fridge / Yoshi's Story

  • Fridge Horror - When you get eaten by a Blurp in "Jungle Puddle," you don't see Bowser's Toadies take you away right away. After the screen fades to black though, you get the regular screen showing your Yoshi crying as it's taken into the castle. How did they get the Yoshi out of the Blurp?
    • The boss of the Cloud Cruising level is a giant ball of what appears to be cotton candy named Cloud N. Candy. As you fight the boss, the happy poofy clouds and the big smile on the boss's face distract you from the fact that you are eating him alive.
  • Fridge Horror - The Bowser battle. In Yoshi's Island, it's justified because he'd grown exponentially large and powerful, but here, you're just fighting...him. He throws Bob-Ombs, but you can throw them back. He breathes fire, but you're too far from him to not see it coming. He tries to pound you into the ground ala Yoshi's Island, but it's easily dodged. And you're throwing live bombs and exploding eggs at him. His only protection is the series of ghosts he rides on, and even then, you can knock spikes down from the ceiling that can nail him in the head. When the ghosts disappear, obviously, you're not letting the bastard move. Need I remind you he's still an infant?
  • Huffin Puffinn provides you with her own children as boomerangs... that is disturbing on its own. But there's also the fact that Yoshi growls at her when she's near, and Yoshis only growl at enemies. What's the deal with Huffin Puffin?