Fridge / Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap

Fridge Brilliance

  • While switching out with Wonder Girl calls her human form "Hu-Girl" compared to Wonder Boy's "Hu-Man", if you consider her a Genderbend rather than a separate character, then transforming into each other gives Wonder Boy and Wonder Girl the options Wo-Man and Male-Girl.
  • Thanks to the remake, it's now possible to see how the Daimyo Dragon is able to shoot lightning orbs from his blade: he is actually building up static electricity and using his blade as a lightning rod.

Fridge Logic

  • You can eventually travel back to the Meka Dragon's destroyed castle (of which the interior is pretty much intact - an example of this trope in itself). With this in mind, when Lizard-Man escaped in the playable prologue of the game, why does he start where he does in the main game?