Fridge / Wolfenstein 3D

  • Fridge Logic: How come the mutants mingle in just fine with the regular guards when they're hinted at to be killing machines and slaughtered some of the guards off screen in Episode 2? (What I mean is that they don't care if any of the regular guards are in the same room they are and just focus on the player instead.)
    • That is an engine limitation - Wolf 3D did not have infighting like Doom so the only thing the actors shoot is the player even if another actor is in front. ID did tend to place large groups of mutants in rooms with trails of Nazi corpses in Episode 2. But the game could never do it live.
  • Fridge Horror: Hans Grosse. Why is elite Nazi enforcer guarding an entrance to a castle? Because he is looking for YOU! B.J. murdered his entire family... Gretel Grosse in fifth, prequel episode, and Trans Grosse, in Spear of Destiny, which takes place even earlier.