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Fridge: Welcome to Night Vale
Fridge Brilliance
  • According to Episodes 19A and B, Cecil and Kevin have pictures of themselves on their desks. This would be considered strange in someone without major narcissistic tendencies.
    • Then you remember that Cecil sometimes doubts his own existence, and Kevin might too. Perhaps the photos of themselves are meant to remind them that they are, in fact, real.
    • Or the two photographs showed Cecil or Kevin with someone else, a friend or family member, and the narrator fixated on the person in the photo who looked identical to them because, hey, wouldn't you?
    • In one episode, Cecil advises the citizens to keep a photo album with them in case of memory loss, so maybe he and Kevin keep a photo of themselves in case they forget who they are?
    • It's revealed in Episode 33 that Cecil keeps the mirror in station's the men's bathroom covered due to a weird "flickering" movement that first appeared after he obtained a tape recorder, and which may or may not have hurt him at one point. What if he does this with any mirrors in his house as well? And if that's the case, what's the best way to know what you look like without using a mirror again? Oh that's right, photographs.
  • Also in Episodes 19A and B, one might not notice on the first listen but "The Weather" for both episodes is the same song, performed quite differently by two different bands (The Ventura Klezmer Band, then Disparition).
  • This might be just Fridge Logic but also in 19A and B the two shows mirror each other with even getting info from the local twin of people. Except for the Conspiracy Theorist letter. That's from Night Vale resident Steve Carlsberg on both... does this mean that he doesn't have a twin?
  • In Episode 18, Cecil describes The Traveler's jacket as "similar to the marching band uniform of the Desert Bluffs Cacti prior to The Incident," save that The Traveler's jacket is not "scorched and soaked with blood." It's not until you re-listen to the episode after finding out what Desert Bluffs is like that you realize said scorches and blood may not come from the Noodle Incident in question...
  • In Episode 25, Carlos says, "Sometimes things seem so strange or malevolent, and then you find that underneath it was something else altogether. Something pure and innocent." This could just be a statement about Carlos' changing attitude towards the entire town, but since Cecil and Carlos start dating shortly afterward it's also an apt metaphor for Carlos discovering that he's misread Cecil's intentions and is no longer conflicted about them.
  • Why do we hear so little of Strexcorp's takeover until episode 36? Because in episode 36, Cecil's new supervisor Daniel has a breakdown and can't exercise his usual editorial authority. Until Strex shuts the entire station down to reassert control.
  • Fanon example: The next-most-common portrayal of Cecil after "Tim Gunn with living tattoos" is Native American. This offers an excellent explanation for his hatred of the Apache Tracker. The cartoonish racism would make a decent person of any background uncomfortable, but if Cecil is Native American himself then it's a personal affront (and indeed, he is more hostile about AT's racism than Mayor Pamela Winchell's prejudice against dragons and multi-headed beings).
  • In episode 6, The Drawbridge, Cecil reads off a list of horoscopes for the day. Scorpios apparently did something pretty bad, because the entire horoscope is Cecil cursing them and their families in a positively poisonous voice. Why the hatred of Scorpios? According to a tidbit from one of the live shows, Steve Carlsberg is a Scorpio. Or perhaps it's the other way around.
  • Episode 46 was released on May 1st - a date that in many countries is traditionally associated with parades and demonstrations against, for instance, "corpocratic regimes", along with calls for unity and solidarity.

Fridge Horror
  • In Episode 19B, Vanessa and her double were building a shelf, but it collapsed. We know from that episode what building materials are favored in Desert Bluffs, and Kevin said they had no replacement parts. Desert Bluffs is all about productivity. One of the Vanessas was hurt and so couldnít work to full capacity. StrexCorp doesnít have room for unproductive people. What do you think the other Vanessa finished that shelf with? Kevin didnít spell it out on the radio because everyone who lives there would have known what he meant.
  • In episode 32, Cecil ends the broadcast on a rather alarming note: StrexCorp has bought Night Vale Community Radio and seems to be invading Night Vale. Cecil says that "everything is", sounding more uncertain and nervous than he's been since The Sandstorm part B. And the worst part? His closing statements:
  • In episode 33, Cecil finds some cassette tapes he made as a teenager, which he doesn't remember making. They reveal, among other things, that he once had a brother, that he interned at NVCR, and that his mother and brother vanished shortly after he started at the radio station. Adult Cecil had no recollection of any of this, and—genuinely unnerved—destroyed the cassette.
    • It's also stated in this episode that Cecil was prophesied to become the radio host. This makes you wonder what would have happened if he didn't have any interest in radio.
  • Pamela Winchell in general. She's completely and dangerously insane, disturbingly violent, she apparently tortures people for no reason...and Night Vale voted her into office. This can't simply be a case of "oh, Night Vale's just that weird". Night Vale may be an Eldritch Location, but its citizens aren't so far gone that they'll permit everything and even they think that Mayor Winchell is nuts. Not to mention that Hiram McDaniels and The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Your House are reasonable candidates with very good ideas, so if Winchell ran against someone then it shouldn't have been a problem of whether or not her opponent was bad, unless her opponent was worse. What could possibly have happened to get the citizens of Night Vale to elect a madwoman into office?
    • More or less explained with the discovery that mayoral elections don't actually matter in Night Vale - votes aren't really sorted and the mayor is decided by decoding light pulses from the gorge.
  • In The Sandstorm, Kevin notes that the Night Vale recording studio is "odd and bloodless". Cecil is horrified that the Desert Bluffs station is full of blood and gore. Is Desert Bluffs' studio normally bloody?
    • Another instance in Episode 47, when Kevin takes over the studio. He calls in some interns to help him redecorate. Those interns are most definitely dead and spread out all over the Night Vale studio.
  • In episode 37, there is a Police auction of seized goods and Lot 37 is Cecil Palmer, who is bought by an unknown person (or persons). It is allowed to happen and no-one points out that this is human trafficking / slavery!
    • On a further note, how on earth did Lot 37 end up as seized goods? Unless Cecil was owned previously.
    • The community notices state that the secret police is holding the auction to buy party supplies, including "yellow cake and an armored pinata." Considering that yellow cake is a technical term for unrefined uranium, they are clearly seeking to buy the components of an atomic bomb.
      • At the end of the episode, the secret police declares the auction a success and show the auction audience their new pinata. So did everyone start bashing on an atomic bomb with sticks? It's a wonder the town has existed this long without suffering the same fate as their sister city in 1983.
  • A slightly more humorous example, but think about it; the Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Your Home complains about you never clearing your internet history. There's a good chance that she has SEEN your internet history. You should probably be more careful what you look up, lest she find something...not so savory.
  • When Cecil finally found something weird to report on that something acted suspiciously catlike (vibrating (purring) when touched etc.) but if that was a cat... what the heck is floating in the bathroom? And what the heck is understood under cat in Night Vale? (Even weirder/scarier if you consider that they have internet access.)
  • Presumably, in order to take over Night Vale Community Radio, StrexCorp had to get rid of the the previous station management. Just how much power do these people have?
  • The implications of Tamika Flynn, a 13 year old, fighting an oppressive regime have not been lost on some fans.
  • In episode 48 Cecil finally reveals that Strexcorp's 'volleyball nets' were in fact electric fences—-the 'company picnic' is a labor camp. He also mentioned softball games and chili cook-offs—-what could THESE be euphemisms for?!
  • Also in episode 48-Kevin discusses his personal enjoyment for the "rush starting a new job gives you," which is standard for the work-happy StrexCorp employees. That is, until we hear him go into detail about the joy when new employers kidnap and sedate you, at any given time and in any given place, driving in random directions until you're eventually taken to your new office. How exactly does StrexCorp recruit people?
  • The reason that Kevin doesn't identify Cecil's smile as such, when he first sees a picture of him in Episode 19A? Kevin has been so swamped in the fake, forced cheeriness of Desert Bluffs that, when he sees genuine happiness, he can't even recognize it. That is equal parts horrifying and heartbreaking.
  • Despite the increasing role of Desert Bluffs and its inhabitants, notably Cecil's counterpart Kevin, there has been no mention of a counterpart for Carlos. Considering the nature of Desert Bluffs, it's likely that they would not take very well to an outsider scientist poking around their secrets. So assuming that there is a counterpart to Carlos, and assuming that he has the same career (as with Kevin and Cecil), he is probably imprisoned or dead.
  • If you listen closely to Kevin and Steve Carlsberg's conversation in Episode 49, you can hear what sounds like a young lady whimpering in pain. Considering what Kevin says about "fixing" the wheelchair bound Janice, and what seemingly harmless terms tend to mean in Desert Bluffs, this seems to suggest that this "fixing" is extremely painful, if not torturous.
  • The September Monologues reveals that Steve Carlsburg somehow has knowledge that no one else has access to, seemingly coming from the stars. Before Kevin interrupted them in Old Oak Doors Part B, Steve was accusing Carlos of being a spy. Could Steve be right?
    • Then again, he also thinks the Smiling God is a secret underground missile testing site. It might not be a good idea to take his claim of secret knowledge at face value
Fridge Logic
  • If Steve Carlsberg is Cecil's brother in law, then who is Cecil's sister? She's never mentioned or named, and Cecil's cassette recordings make no mention of having a sister, as he is left all alone in his house after the mirrors cause the disappearance of his mother and brother...
    • Who's to say Steve Carlsberg isn't married to his brother and Janice wasn't from a previous marriage. The mother he was referring to in Cookies was the ex? Maybe he can remember Steve is his brother-in-law and Janice is his niece despite not remembering his brother.
    • Steve doesn't necessarily need to have married Cecil's sibling. It would be possible for Cecil's brother to have married, had a child, vanished/died, and Steve Carlsberg married his widow.
    • This gets muddied even further in September Monologues where Steve can't manage to explain exactly where Cecil fits in the family tree. Though Steve does make mentions of Cecil's sister in that episode.
  • Hiram McDaniels is an 18 foot tall, 3600 pounds five-headed dragon. He's introduced when he gets pulled over by a police officer and tries to pass himself off as Frank Chen while driving his stolen car. How did he even fit inside a regular sized car to begin with, or manage to drive the car without destroying the suspension?
    • This one can probably be explained with "It's Night Vale, it doesn't have to make sense."

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