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Fridge: Weasley Girl
Fridge Brilliance
  • Snape seems to hate "Potter's Gang" irrationally, even if Harry reminds him of how he lost Lily. "Potter's Gang" is comprised of four people: Harry, Ronnie, Neville and Hermione. The Marauders, who often bullied Snape, were four: James, Sirius, Peter and Lupin, and their leader, James, went on to marry Lily. Of course the parallels would be brought even closer for him.
    • It goes further than that, since each member of Potter's Gang is similar, on a superficial level, to one of the Marauders despite two being girls (and despite Snape not looking past these traits due to his bitterness) - Harry is like James, Ronnie is rather like Sirius in being his best mate, Hermione is bookish and sensitive like Remus, and Neville is a lot like Peter (if braver within and far less likely to turn traitor as a result). Hagrid is actually alluding to this very fact when he brings up the Marauders, and how badly they interacted with Snape.

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