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Fridge Brilliance
  • Unmodded Tenno/Orokin weapons provides balanced stats against everything, which destroy Grineer and Infested alike. The Corpus know this from studying Orokin technology, and so they came up with their counter : lots and lots of energy shields. No wonder Ospreys are so annoying.
  • Early-tier Grineer weapons tend to be effective against Corpus: they were fighting them for years before you showed up.
  • High-tier or clan tech Tenno weapons usually focus on slash damage which strong against Infested, just like how the Orokin intended them to be used.
  • On the whole, the ugly Grineer weapons compare very favorably to the sleek Corpus weapons. Why? Because Corpus are a megacorp and so their weapons are designed by marketing execs for sale. The Grineer are soldiers, and so their weapons are designed by soldiers for combat.
  • Excalibur's Radial Blind. In Arthurian Legend, the first time Arthur's reign is challenged, he drew Excalibur and it blinded his enemies, sound familiar?
  • Magnetic damage is amazingly effective against Corpus. But then, the Corpus are a faction that consists heavily of robotic and mechanized forces. And we all know what magnets do to computers.
  • Valkyr (The Berserker warframe) has a skill called "Hysteria" that darkens your vision, forces you into melee-only combat and grants Nigh-Invulnerability for it's duration. Actual Norse berserkers fought in a nearly uncontrollable, trance-like fury, and some theories suggest they did so by eating drugged food before battle (which also resulted in altered sensorial perception). the Valkyr warframe isn't just emulating how a real berserker would fight, it's also using Interface Screw to (partially) give the player a sense of how a real berserker would perceive things.
  • All of (Classic) Stalker's weapon are designed specially to kill warframes. His bow Dread and his scythe Hate, the two weapons you're likely to face in combat against him, focus on slash damage whose status effect is Bleeding. His Despair are advertised as Sharpened to a Single Atom, which is in turn advertised as an anti-Warframe weapon. A Nikana stance mod Stalker can drop upon his defeat is called Blind Justice. The name probably refers to what Tenno think of the Stalker.
    • A fairly easy connection to make, but beyond having him in its picture stance Vengeful Revenant is especially descriptive of the Stalker. A revenant is someone who has returned from the dead. The Stalker is yet another shadow of the Orokin Empire that was thought to have been completely wiped out.
  • Hek's namesake shotgun deals primarily Puncture damage, making it good against... other Grineer. Not unreasonable to suspect he uses it primarily to dispose of any other Grineer who might try to get in the way of his plans.
  • Ordis is a Cephalon in charge of operating your Liset. In biology, cephalon refers to the head section of arthropods. Now look at your Liset again.
  • About Ordis... Digital Extreme is a Canadian studio. And in French, computer is said "Ordinateur", and often abbreviated "Ordi". In plural, it's "Ordinateurs", abbreviated "Ordis" (though the s is silent). Ordis is an AI. I believe we have a pun here.
  • Why was Alad V, a massive racist against the Grineer who openly insults them to their face, ever appointed Head of Grineer Relations? That was the Corpus telling the Grineer exactly what the Board thinks of them.
  • The placement of the different syndicates' rooms in the Relay seems arbitrary at first, but they're actually divided up to show which syndicates best synergize with each other. The East Wing contains Cephalon Suda, Steel Meridian, and the Arbiters of Hexis, all of which a player can progress in at the same time without having to worry about losing standing with one of them while building up another. Likewise, the same can be done with the Perrin Sequence, Red Veil, and New Loka, which are all in the West Wing. The Conclave and Cephalon Simaris are both neutral and have no impact on standing with other syndicates, and as such, can be found to the north.
  • It might not be too far of a stretch to think that every time you joined a Defense mission to protect Warframe Cyropod, you are protecting other 'sleeping' Tenno, just like you in the very beginning.
  • Archwing in underwater maps moves slower than in space, because of the friction involved.
  • When The Second Dream was released, a player in official forum made an interesting observation. (SPOILER here) : If the Warframe and the Operator are seperate entity, then why should Lotus worried when Vor put Ascaris Device on the player. The answer is Vor just basically recreated Transferance by tapping into YOUR head and gotten too darn close to the truth in the process. Had Lotus not helped, Vor might be able to create his own Warframe army.
  • It's repeatedly hinted that the Sentients can subvert technology. Of course they can convert The Stalker.
  • The name Tenno; Update 18 reveals the Tenno human operators are the children survivors of the Zarimen Ten Zero Void accident. 'Zero' is also said as 'O'. 'Tenno' is another way of saying 'Ten Zero'.
  • The missions on the Orokin Moon saw Corpus and Grineer fighting each other. The game never explains why, but we can safely assume that both of them are going after Orokin technologies stashed inside.
  • If you are defeated by the Corpus Harvester assassin, your Warframe is taken into Alad V's custody and you must escape through a special mission to regain access. However, you can just swap to a different Warframe and never worry about completing that mission, which almost seems like Gameplay and Story Segregation... until the Second Dream reveals that the Operator really is just switching to a different remote interface.
  • With the recent revelations within the Second Dream questline Kubrows make perfect sense. Why would you engineer a combat dog that is also such a sweetheart to it's partner off mission? Dogs are noted to have therapeutic effects on their partners so maybe Margulis made the first Kubrows as her means to heal the Tenno, but after her death they were turned into weapons of war.
  • Hunhow the Sentient, was torn apart into thousands of pieces, each still conscious and connected to a central mind. So it's rather fitting that he was buried on Uranus.
  • Ordis sometimes says a particular quote while you're on the Liset.
    Ordis: Operator were you visualizing a bloody battle? M-m-me too .
    • Turns out there's a reason for that bloodlust. Ordis used to be a human mercenary well known for wanton slaughter.
  • Why are Sentient scouts so damn cheesy? They're explicitly the last nail in the Orokin coffin. They aren't cyborg wage slaves, zombies or brain-dead clones. They're monsters (probably technically not) from another star, and you were bred to fight them in the last desperate act of a dying race. And the specimens in the game (so far) are just scouts and skirmishers. Start training, Tenno.
  • According to Cephalon Cordylon, the reason foundry blueprints charge credits is Ordis siphoning off funds to maintain the ship. Otherwise Tenno would just blow their money on more and more weapon blueprints until they starve. Taking certain recent revelationsspoiler  into account, it makes perfect sense that the Lotus wouldn't trust the Tenno to handle their own mundane expenses.
  • For several of the Restores that you can make, like health and energy, it requires the resource Nanospores which is dropped mostly from the Infested and in-game says it's Infested tissue to be handled with caution. Why would the Tenno use them as components for items to heal and empower themselves? Because the Warframes are made from Infested flesh.
  • Argon crystals decay when out of the Void. It's not that inconceivable, considering that Argon is a noble gas, and they're generally known for not being very chemically active, and as such they wouldn't be able to sustain themselves, let alone generate, outside its extradimensional home.
    • Which begs the question as to how they are used in components?

Fridge Horror

  • The Corpus, whose name is derived from a common word depicted in Orokin history. Now becomes a Proud Merchant Race that worships Orokin greed and history from its corpsenote .
  • Ever wonder why you see very few female Corpus mooks outside of the rare elite Comba and Scrambus? The Cephalon fragment for the Corpus says the Corpus crewmen are purpose-bred.
  • Here in the real world, Ceres has no atmosphere. The Ceres of Warframe has a thick atmosphere choked with sickly green clouds weeping perpetual acid rain onto the surface. When you consider it's one of the largest Grineer factory worlds, it's entirely possible that it obtained this atmosphere entirely from its industrial output. The Grineer basically enacted Hostile Terraforming solely through industrial output.
  • Survival missions were full of this:
    • During the event that first introduced Survival missions, there was no extraction. You fought until you died. How many brave Tenno did the Lotus abandon to their doom?
    • The Corpus could somehow turn off the oxygen generation for their frozen planetside outposts. Excavation has since replaced planetside Survival missions however.
  • The Valkyr:
    • The Valkyr is a Warframe that was a survivor of the Gradivus Dilemma, an event where Corpus exec Alad V disassembled several frozen Tenno to create his own special proxy, Zanuka, and the design of her Warframe reflects that. What appears to be some sort of mask is clearly the true form of her helmet, the inside plating quite visible in contrast to the flowing exterior, and a similar section along her spine shows the fine armor beneath the suit. In other places, what used to be the aforementioned organic exterior of the suit has been put back together with makeshift repairs, giving Valkyr's armor a very flayed and raw appearance. Furthermore, the rest of her suit is studded with pins, some of which seem to go through her arm, which could potentially be holding what's left of her exterior together. Combined with the obvious restraints that she now uses as weapons, and the constant anger and rage she barely keeps control of, and one can only imagine what horrors the Corpus did to her...
    • Adding to this, take a good look at the color of the Valkyr Gersemi Armor (which is, according to the description, how Valkyr used to look like before Alad got his hands on her) and now look what color Zanuka has, both are turquoise, which implies that Alad literally Ripped Valkyr's Skin off!
  • Rescue 2.0 (introduced in Update 13.2.0) has Infested in prison cells. It's possible that the technocyte virus works so quickly that some random civilian, insubordinate Grineer, Corpus POW, Red Veil member, etc. was thrown in just 1 minute ago, and transformed into an Infested in as much time. It's equally possible (and potentially proven, by a recent Infested-themed questline) that the Infested are in the cells as captives for research purposes. The lengths they must have had to go through to take one of things alive...
  • The only indication that "synthesis scanners" you get from Cephalon Simaris are lethal is when he randomly starts talking about the ethics of murder and Unwilling Roboticisation out of nowhere, without anyone prompting him to. Considering nonlethal scanning/teleportation devices already exist, for Capture missions, that's a pretty big thing to leave out of the briefing document.
  • Ancient Healer synthesis codex describe the Orokin Lorists during Infested attack. Ancient Healer who can restore health and boost armor for its allies. Does that sound like any Warframe you have?
  • It's heavily implied that are still a few human colonies left. Take a good look at an unhelmeted Corpus again. And, also remember, the Grineer, during the Gradivus Dilemma, would've released the human colonies on Mars, if anyone actually fought for them. In other words, the only life a human in Warframe's universe is to either be subjugated by the Grineer, or join the Corpus as cannon fodder.
    • According to Cephalon Cordylon, there are many peaceful human settlements throughout the solar system that never encounter either faction. The Tenno never see these because they're not required to intervene in anything there. Additionally, the syndicates (notably Steel Meridian) are known to defend independent communities from Grineer and Corpus threats. The moral here is: If you're a regular human, the farther away you are from Warframe's in-game content, the better.
  • Clem can only say three word sentences at most, and he's immune to the Twin Queen's brainwashing. Why? He must have been born with a birth defect.
  • "Fight poison with poison." Ballas created the original Saryn Prime, meaning that he's sending innocent children to work as a proxy in his own revenge scheme despite knowing damn well what happened.
  • In the Sands of Inaros quest, one of the enemies the Sacred Vessels can send you to fight are Denial Bursas. While it's possible that the other eight possible targets existed in the Orokin Era (blue MOAs, Detron gunmen, various Grineer laborers, Infested units) this one provably did not. Inaros had to have picked this target himself using data from the outside world, meaning he's still alive after being torn to shreds and stuffed in three different burial urns.
  • The Red Veil blatantly torture Grineer, and utilize infested runners as hit squads. Chargers are made from horrifyingly warped Grineer bodies. Put two and two together. The Grineer being tortured right next to the Charger Pen already has.
  • Cephalons are created through Brain Upload. And, as seen with Jordas, their use is, at the least in the Corpus, still at large.
  • During the Eyes of Blight, the Grineer find the extremely well-hidden Tenno relays, and will attempt to destroy them with Fomorians. The reason how they could randomly find them is simple- the Twin Queens can command Teshin, who knows the coordinates of the relays, to tell them.

Fridge Logic

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