* In book two of the ''LightNovel/VampireHunterD'' manga series there is a moment of what looks like rape by a monster but is later shown to be consensual sex between a pretty girl and one ugly guy. Fridge logic revealed, however, that the pretty girl [[spoiler:is having sex with a guy who is literally falling apart at the seams.]] On top of it all, D catches them finishing off which is especially creepy [[spoiler:as the girl was given voluntary brainwashing so she'd think she was having sex with D. However, she was still feeling the guy falling apart at the seams having sex with her even though he looked like D to her. In effect, it's D falling apart at the seams having sex with her to her]]. Two day long fridge horror that required BrainBleach resulted.


At first I thought it was weird that Dracula would turn D into a perfect vampire killing machine, both by being his father and the subsequent genetic experiments to improve him. Then I reread some of the dialogue. Vampires attribute D's "transient guests" line to Dracula, implying that Dracula knew the reign of vampires was inherently limited. He's using D to kill off the stragglers, himself included.