* It took me weeks to get the joke in [[http://www.vgcats.com/super/?strip_id=26 this]] [[VGCats Super Effective]] strip. (It's a ''Slowpoke''.) Ironic, isn't it?
** Well it IS a Meme.
** Realizing what "Ironic, isn't it?" was referring to was a moment of fridge brilliance for me.
* [[http://www.vgcats.com/super/?strip_id=84 A battle]] between a [[spoiler: recently escaped from ''death row'']] Pikachu versus another trainer's Geodude takes an unexpected turn (given that Rock-Type Pokemon resist Electric attacks)... [[spoiler: the Pikachu messily disembowels the Geodude with a ''shiv''.]]
** The Kicker? It totally fits within the game rules. Rock is weak versus [[spoiler: steel,]] after all.
* In one strip, Leo claims that Aeris's mother was 'easy' and 'cheap'. Aeris kills him in retaliation via time abortion (He gets better.) Many strips later, when catch a glimpse of Aeris's childhood, her father is never seen, or even mentioned. It's very likely that Leo's claims were true.