[[AC: FridgeBrilliance]]
* A lot of the story is episodic, with a new spiral phenomenon appearing at the start of the chapter, and as often as not, each chapter ends with some sort of respite or return to relative normalcy for the surviving characters. Then the next chapter repeats the same movement towards a new threat, followed by eventual relief, twisting the screw a little bit more. And after all, a screw is just another form of a spiral.
** Not only that, but a theme of the series is that the closer a person gets to the center of a spiral, the more intense and horrifying things get. As the stories continue to the end, the events become more and more catastrophic.
* The mosquito-women fit in with the spiral theme because the mosquitoes that attacked them flew in a spiral formation, but at first this troper wondered how their babies fit in. Then, she remembered that babies in the womb curl in the fetal position - ''a spiral shape''. They are driven to return to the spiral!
** It probably had more to do with the twisting umbilical cords are subjected to.
** Also, they were fed by blood procured by spiraling drills, so that could be part of it.

* ''Manga/{{Uzumaki}}'' is already pretty terrifying, but it only gets worse when you realize the in the beginning, the story was being told after it happened. [[spoiler:The main characters are both [[AndIMustScream petrified]] and sitting beside an EldritchAbomination at the end.]] [[spoiler: [[YouAreWorthHell Together]].]]
* After [[spoiler:Kirie's little brother]] turns into a snail, it's implied that he understands Kirie asking if he can climb down a mountain, and shows reluctance to abandon her. In other words, the snail people seem to still have their human minds, to some degree, after transforming. Remember how those people ate one of their own almost immediately after he turned into a snail? Or how the first two snail people, who were a bully and his victim, ''mated'' after transforming? Not to mention, the second and third snail people were the bully (who continued to torment the first snail person even after his transformation) and the teacher (who [[spoiler:crushed the snail people's eggs]]). Both of them transformed after doing something to anger the first snail person. If he had the awareness to understand that, could he have somehow caused their transformations?
** Well, first, it was established that when you first transform, you retain a portion of your human mind but that quickly fades over time. Secondly, the closest thing to an in-canon explanation as to why certain people turn into snails, at least by the time everything goes to hell and the curse of the spiral is in full effect, is that anyone not inside the row houses that had managed to avoid being corrupted/exposed to the power of the spiral, would be doomed to be "caught in the grip" of the spiral and made into a snail person.
*** On the other hand, the fact that the snail people keep some of their human minds right after the first transformation makes the fact that that one group ''ate'' one of their own that transformed ''immediately'' after he changed that much worse. Especially since they made no secret of the fact that they planned to do it, talking about it right in front of him, while he was still human, and his first act as a snail was to curl in his shell from them.
* The blueprint of the body is a spiral. (DNA) The building block of the body is a spiral. (quaternary protein structures)The lifeline of the body is a spiral. (umbilical cord) The way we perceive our world is because of a spiral. (cochlea - hearing, optic nerve and ocular receptor arrangement - sight, fingertips - touch, tastebuds - taste, nasal receptor arrangement - smell) You are made of the spiral, made from the spiral, depend on the spiral and live because of the spiral. You are the spiral.
* Shuichi's experiences through the whole manga are one large fridge realisation once you examine it (though more tragedy than horror). He knew from the beginning that things were very wrong, as he went to school outside the town and could sense that something was off between Kurozu-Cho and the rest of the world. Then, when [[spoiler: both of his parents succumbed to the spiral,]] he tried to warn Kirie and to convince her to leave with him while they could, but she refused. Instead of abandoning her in the beginning and saving himself, [[spoiler: he stayed with Kirie to the very end, when they became one with the spiral and became the embodiment of AndIMustScream.]] He essentially chose to [[spoiler: sentence himself to death]] to be with her.
** To build on that last one, Shuichi seems to predict the future sometimes, with no warning signs. This is never explained. However, if we assume his psychic/clairvoyant abilities are canon, then he knew what was going to happen to him if he stayed. He knew he was going to see [[spoiler: the whole town die]], he knew he'd become the town pariah with no friends, he knew he'd end up [[spoiler: basically wasting away into nothingness, unable to do or say anything except convey his own terror of the Spiral]]. When Chie arrived, he knew [[spoiler: she was going to die, and he knew how it would happen]]. When Kirie said she was going to the center of the Spiral labyrinth to find her parents, he knew [[spoiler: they'd be lying there dead in the Spiral city]]. And, presumably, Shuichi willingly subjected himself to all of this, not because he thought he had a chance of surviving, but just because he wanted to stay with Kirie.
** It gets even worse; when you read very closely, it becomes apparent that Shuichi makes little to no effort to protect himself in dangerous situations, and is always focusing on Kirie. He not only put himself through the Spiral to stay with Kirie, he put himself through the Spiral to treat himself as a resource for Kirie.
* [[spoiler: It may not have mattered if they got out. People from outside were being pulled in. It's unknown whether getting far enough away would be safe or if it'd pull them back in for being witnesses to at all, or even just because they didn't get far enough in time.]]
* Remember, we all live in a ''spiral galaxy''. Yes, [[EverythingTryingToKillYou the universe is out to get you.]]