Fridge / Urban Legend

Fridge Brilliance

  • One of the most common complaints about the film is how Brenda is able to pull off many of the kills and traps that she does, including rigging a body in a tree and taking down victims much larger than she is, despite having the skinny build of Rebecca Gayheart. The ending reveals that the entire movie is being told between people as something that happened to "a friend of a friend" who went to the school... in other words, an urban legend. And like any urban legend, details are likely to have been altered in the retelling, exaggerating the killer's prowess and the brutality of the kills, if it even happened in the first place.

Fridge Horror

  • The sequel mentions that eight college students were killed during the events of the movie. The first film only confirms the deaths of five students. Now, combine this with Brenda's line at the film's conclusion that the end of the story was not told correctly. There are two possible explanations, one a more hopeful one and another that falls straight into this category.
    • The hopeful explanation: the person retelling the story got it wrong, meaning that all of the victims and survivors we saw in the first film actually happened. We see five college students killed over the course of the first film — Michelle, Damon, Tosh, Parker, and Sasha. If Sasha's producer was a student (and he did look to be around the right age), that brings the student body count to six. However, Brenda also had two other victims, Dean Adams and Professor Wexler, bringing the final total to... eight. (And one dog.) The person telling the story may have read "eight victims of a college campus massacre" and assumed that Brenda had killed eight students.
    • The Fridge Horror explanation: the person retelling the story is right, meaning that the events we saw on screen in the first film are not what actually happened. In other words, Brenda succeeded in killing Natalie and Paul. And apparently, she also killed another student, though see above re: Sasha's producer.