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Fridge: Ugly Americans
  • Fridge Brilliance: In "Kill, Mark...Kill!", the show opens with a woman moaning while in a hot-tub, then shrieking when a figure emerges from a well and gets closer on the TV screen. As she screams, Leonard pops up wearing a pair of goggles asking "What's wrong, did I lick the wrong flap?" Basic sex joke, right? Except it's then revealed that the woman Leonard was with is a mermaid, which adds another layer to his question. How would that work, anyway?
  • More brilliance when it's revealed that Callie can read Aramaic: it was used not only as a language of divine worship (lampshading her status as bringer of the end of days) but as a language of the administration of empires, befitting her role at the department of integration.

  • Fridge Logic: Callie was shown in previous episodes to be a shapeshifter, why would she need surgery and hormones to become "Dick".
    • Maybe she can only turn into female forms?
      • Expanding on the above, Callie is only half demon, so it would make sense to limit her abilities in that area.

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