Fridge: Tropic Thunder

  • When Kirk gave the 'retard' speech, a lot of people complained about his blatant use of the word 'retard'. But that Kirk was Lincoln Osiris, who lived in 1969. A guy in 1969 wouldn't think anything of saying the word 'retard'. Kirk was simply talking like a guy who lives in 1969. He wasn't being insulting, he was being in character.
  • Les Grossman's name seems to just be a pun on the phrase "Gross Man," but there's an extra meaning in his name. As a Hollywood exec, he doesn't care about anything other than how well a film does at the box office, or its gross.
  • Les Grossman asking the Key Grip to hit Damien seems random. But when you look into filming, part of a Grip's job description is lifting heavy objects. So Grossman wanted the strongest guy to hit Cockburn.