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  • While the third film mitigates this somewhat, the shriekers of the second reproduce by eating and can quickly multiply to well over thirty just by eating what edible animals/objects they can find in the arid Mexican desert near a lightly staffed research station. Imagine what would happen if a shrieker or two ever found their way to a major population center, filled not only with people to eat, but the food they would eat as well?
  • In Aftershocks, dozens of Graboids are blown up by Earl, Grady and Burt before the creatures start giving birth to Shriekers. How many more Shriekers would they have had to cope with, if they'd started their Graboid-hunt a few days later and thus, hadn't cut back as much on the number of first-generation Shrieker offspring?
    • The number would be be either sixty or eighty four, since Grady mentions at the very end that they managed to get rid of twenty eight Graboids but it's not clear if he's counting those eight which managed to reach the second stage of their life cycle.

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