Fridge / Tremors

Fridge Brilliance
  • Why does Burt transform from Crazy Survivalist Conspiracy Theorist to a Properly Paranoid Combat Pragmatist? He has a physical enemy he can actually shoot at, instead of stockpiling weapons waiting for the never-going-to-happen government or Russian invasion of his compound.
  • Why does Burt hold the Elephant gun the way he does in Tremors? Because holding it like a proper Shotgun would actually dislocate his shoulder if not break it from the recoil.
  • In the opening scene of Tremors 2: Aftershocks, Earl is attempting to lasso an ostrich with the intention of breeding a whole lot of ostrich chicks. This is played as a joke, but it's actually also a subtle bit of Foreshadowing: subsequent events introduce the shriekers, which have an ostrich-like bipedal stance and breed a whole lot of shrieker chicks very quickly.

Fridge Horror
  • With all the people the graboids eat in the first film, their half-digested corpses will be found in the exploded graboid remains.
  • While the third film mitigates this somewhat, the shriekers of the second reproduce by eating and can quickly multiply to well over thirty just by eating what edible animals/objects they can find in the arid Mexican desert near a lightly staffed research station. Imagine what would happen if a shrieker or two ever found their way to a major population center, filled not only with people to eat, but the food they would eat as well?
  • In Aftershocks, dozens of Graboids are blown up by Earl, Grady and Burt before the creatures start giving birth to Shriekers. How many more Shriekers would they have had to cope with, if they'd started their Graboid-hunt a few days later and thus, hadn't cut back as much on the number of first-generation Shrieker offspring?
    • The number would be be either sixty or eighty four, since Grady mentions at the very end that they managed to get rid of twenty eight Graboids but it's not clear if he's counting those eight which managed to reach the second stage of their life cycle.
    • Plus however many more might've been asexually produced, if those 60 or 84 found enough lizards and coyotes and so on out in the desert to chow down on.
  • During their first encounter with the Graboid who would become known as Stumpy, Earl insists to Val that the truck is hung up. It's a good thing that Val decided to stubborn his way out of it instead of getting out to check the axle.