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Fridge: Trauma Center
  • Fascinating tidbit I learned while messing around on my second playthrough. For fun, I was trying to figure out where Trauma Team was located. The city "Portland" is referenced multiple times as being the location of the majority of the game. Makes sense that a simple name would be used, considering there are fourteen in the USA. That said, my interest was piqued when I learned there are bits in the Raging Bomber case that mention southern New Hampshire and Higgins Beach. The search could then be narrowed down. Searching and finding that Higgins Beach is an actual location in Maine, it's safe to assume that the game is set in Portland, Maine. This is backed up by there being an airport in the city. note 
    • That's all well and good and preamble, but here's the brilliance. I figured there was no way there could be a Resurgam First Care in Portland, ME, right? That'd be silly. Well, turns out there isn't, but here's the big one. "Resurgam" is a Latin phrase meaning "I shall rise again". Makes some nice referral to the idea of saving lives and all, but it's also the city motto of Portland, Maine. My jaw dropped.
    • And having looked up on the Caduceus Database, it seems this legwork was done already before my epiphany, so I may as well also mention that there's further evidence for the location: CIFM (where Naomi works) is the Cumberland Institute for Forensic Medicine. Cumberland County is in Maine. Also, Naomi takes a trip up to Oxford, which is in the mountains, a place that exists in Maine.
  • Why is it that you get points bonuses if you complete additional parameters while operating in Trauma Team? Because not being thorough is an issue when performing routine procedures. You always hear of those medical horror stories of patients with medical equipment left behind, right?

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