Fridge / Touch of Satan

Fridge Logic

  • Melissa says the Devil cheated her, but technically, she's the one who broke the contract.
  • Also, it's assumed at the beginning that Melissa is the daughter of the middle-aged farm couple, Luther and Molly. However, once it's revealed that Melissa is, in fact, the 127-year-old sister of the elderly woman, it begs the question, who the hell are Luther and Molly?
    • Quoth Paul Chaplin: "The people who are apparently her parents? It's unclear who they are. It's never really explained. They may just be walnut farmers who happen to own a witch."
    • Could be that they are her children or grandchildren... which only raises another question: If Melissa already has children, why does having sex with Jodie oldify her?
    • Love Conquers All? Melissa did say that Jodie could save her if he loved her, and break Satan's contract, and her previous relationships didn't involve true love.
    • I thought maybe they were Lucinda's children or grand children from a relationship with she had with someone in her 127 years, and she only went Axe-Crazy when she got old. It would explain why they share in the responsibility of restraining and caring for Lucinda.
      • Although it does not, on the other hand, explain why only Melissa can calm her down, while Luther and Molly can only hold her back with brute force.
      • Lucina seems to have regressed to her youth in her dementia, and might have forgotten that she ever had Molly and Luther and only remembers Melissa.
      • Since when do parents ever listen to their children?
    • Melissa mentioned that Lucinda was ashamed of her facial scarring, even in her extremely old age, which to me implies that Lucinda was pretty much outcast even after her sister saved her, from how badly she was burned, and that marriage was pretty much off the table for her. Once again, leading to the question of how Luther and Molly are related to the sisters, or if they're just Melissa's landlords as Paul Chaplin theorized.
      • Then Fridge Horror sets in when you consider Lucinda's great strength and insanity. She might have had Luther and/or Molly from raping someone.