Fridge / ThunderCats (1985)
aka: Thunder Cats

Fridge Brilliance

  • In the original version, why doesn't Mumm-Ra get more proactive about dealing with the Thundercats, instead of lurking inside his pyramid all the time? It turns out that anyone can steal/use the powers of the Ancient Spirits of Evil if they gain access to the appropriate chamber. Mumm-Ra doesn't dare be away from the pyramid any more than absolutely necessary.
    • Beyond that there's the fact that Mumm-Ra is eternal. He can easily triumph over the Thundercats simply by waiting for time to take its toll on them, letting them grow old and die while he keeps on ticking. He knows this full well, he's just coming out to battle them because he gets bored and wants some entertainment from time to time.

Fridge Horror

  • The mutants have perfected a weapon that will burn down any area they choose. Why bother waiting till sundown when it's already locked and loaded on Cat's-Lair right now? Seems like a case of Villain Ball—until realizing that by not making a move till nightfall, they will not only destroy their enemies' headquarters, but also most likely immolate them all in their sleep.

Alternative Title(s): Thunder Cats