Fridge / The Woman in Black

Fridge Horror
  • Kipps finds a baby bird that fell out of a nest in the fireplace. It's possible the titular ghost tried to kill the chick as well due to not having access to the town at the time or just not willing to allow anything to have surviving children.
  • Worse, Alice Drablow lived alone in Eel Marsh House with the ghost of her vengeful sister. For years.
    • Worse, the WIB kills when seen, and Mrs. Drablow is both the target of her hate and living at the place she most haunts. Her continuing to live there makes it nigh impossible not to trigger sightings, and thus cause deaths. Mrs. Drablow must have known she was triggering child deaths in the town, and in a way her staying in that house meant she was at least partly to blame for a ton of deaths. So is she a victim, victimizer, or supernatural proof step-mother that never saw the ghost?
    • This is even discussed in the book when Kipps ponders to Daily, about how could Drablow suffer living with Jennet's mad apparition for so many years.
  • Arthur finds several pictures with threats and insults written in red while in the house. It hints that Jennet was a psychic, just like Mrs. Daily, and that her sister and the townspeople held it against her and took her child away for it. Which would then make Jennet Humfrye a Tragic Villain Expy of Lily Evans Potter, especially considering her sister Petunia, who hates her for being a witch. Imagine if Lily chose to remain a ghost to watch over Harry, and the Dursleys got him killed somehow...
  • Listen very carefully when Jennet is being reunited with Nathaniel. You can clearly hear him screaming "YOU'RE NOT MY MOTHER." Maybe Arthur didn't do such a good thing.
  • The fact that the attempt to reunite Jennet with her son won't work is foreshadowed by the Madness Mantra: NEVER FORGIVE. She means it literally.

Fridge Brilliance
  • Arthur is Jennet's Good Counterpart. Jennet does what she does out of spite and greif. Arthur runs into burning buildings to save children and swims into quicksands to try to lay two specters to rest and rescue a town of their dreadful curse; for no other reason than decency and kindness.