Fridge / The Village

Fridge Horror

  • When Ivy learns the truth, you have to wonder what other secrets the Elders are hiding, if they are capable of making whole generations believe they're from the late 1800's with threatening monsters surrounding them. If nothing else, Ivy and Lucius may wonder this themselves.
    • Which is another thing- can Ivy and Lucius make themselves carry on this lie? What if they can't convince the others in their generation, like Ivy's sister Kitty, that this isn't real but they need to keep up the facade?
  • How could this system sustain itself even one more generation? Without the Elders acting as Those We Do Not Speak Of, people would inevitably challenge their existence and leave. If they try to recruit people from each successive generation, they rely on finding people who'd neither spill the secret nor abuse their knowledge for personal ends. At best, the Village is likely to die out, with its villagers ill-suited to modern society; at worst, it'll be worse than the world the Elders fled.
  • Those We Don't Speak Of attack during Kitty and Kristop's wedding. Their parents were AOK with terrorising their children and the whole village during what's meant to be the happiest day of their lives.