* In ''[[VideoGame/WWEVideoGames Smackdown vs Raw 2006]]'' Taker can play Smackdown's! season mode, which soon leads to him fighting Wrestling/{{JBL}} for Torrie Wilson's contract. Out of character right? Except that Calaway had been a legitimate PapaWolf in this regard, for real, and it would be completely in character to be in an angle and free Torrie from the slimy clutches of the [[CorruptCorporateExecutive Texas tycoon,]] and most likely just tear up the contract afterwards.
** The stories about Mark Calloway stopping backstage horseshit are ''legion'', and by 2006, this was very well known on the Internet. Kane joining in would fit here too: Glen Jacobs is generally acknowledged as Taker's deputy on this, especially when they were separated by brands.
* ... Isn't it kind of appropriate that 'Taker finally went down at Wrestlemania in the [[UsefulNotes/NewOrleans the major American city which is most linked in American folklore with the undead and black magic?]]
** One could easily argue that connection is (in-kayfabe) part of why he lost - for one who is so closely bound to Death, being in a land so tied to the overcoming and commanding of death slowly weakened his will and ability to fight, until even his nigh-invincible power was drained away.
* His RealLife mentorship of Wrestling/DrewGalloway, who is not only physically imposing but wrestles in a similar style to him and has the promo skills to back up his ability, whilst Galloway was in the WWE.

* If Callaway were to suffer an untimely death, how on Earth would Wrestling/{{WWE}} convince the world that The Undertaker really ''was'' dead?
** It seems that his entire career has been one long, inevitable FunnyAneurysmMoment waiting to happen.
* For in-kayfabe FridgeLogic; if 'Taker is some sort of supernatural being, why in the world does he spend his time ''wrestling?''
** The same reason Dark Brain forced his worst enemies into a completely harmless dodgeball tournament, for shits and giggle.
** You can also interpret his character (if you so wish) as a normal guy like the rest of the roster who uses special effects and illusions to intimidate his foes into thinking he's some mythical being in the same way Batman does.
** An alternate interpretation is that he's similar to the character of ComicBook/GhostRider. He's a normal human who was possessed by a satantic entity, and the two of them share the body in a sort of symbiosis. After Johnny Blaze sold his soul to Mephisto, he still continued his career as a stunt biker despite battling dark, supernatural forces when needed. Perhaps this is the case for Undertaker's human host.
** Some people interpret it as a sort of WhoWantsToLiveForever thing. Since Undertaker, at least in character, appears to be functionally immortal, who knows how long he's existed? Perhaps wrestling is just something he's taken up recently (as much as it can be recently to a force of nature) to amuse himself/pass the time.
** A related question comes from the time when Wrestling/VickieGuerrero booked Undertaker vs. Wrestling/{{Edge}} in a TLC match for the World Heavyweight Championship, with the stipulation that if Taker lost he would be banished from WWE forever. Undertaker had the match won on several occasions, but the continuous strategic interference of [[PowerStable La Familia]] enabled Edge to overwhelm Taker and win the day. More important than that, Taker was never seen signing the contract to agree to the stipulation. Yet the Undertaker would never show up anywhere to protest this ban. Infact, the next time he reappeared was at Wrestling/SummerSlam, after Vickie had voluntarily rescinded the ban and booked Edge vs. Taker again, this time in a Hell in a Cell match, due to Edge's infidelity. The question is, why would the demonic grim reaper who is so frightening and fearsome '''that {{Satan}} answers to HIM with 'sir'''', accept being banned for life under circumstances which were clearly unfair and which he never signed off on to begin with, when he's got the powers to easily render said banishment meaningless?
*** Perhaps it's because, as an ancient force of nature, the Undertaker wasn't amused by unfair wrestling and just went home until his friends decided to play fair again.